Saturday, May 31, 2008

AniManGamer's convention

I'm actually talking about Mangaholix Con Just a while ago at MoA....

Two words, TOTAL BORE!

The Cosplays were totally So-so, nothing caught my attention other than Hard Gay making odd shonen-ai-ish? inducing poses with other guys who requests to have a picture taken with him, A shiny-crimson-leathered I-no, and the complete SPD team, well except shadow, orange, and Omega... Oh there was this kid, around 5-6 yrs maybe? dressed as SPD red, He was sooo cute!! :3

There were no Freebies at all!!! >:'C

everything was just plain boring, it made me want to go outside and do something else...

Good points of the day:

Met a friend with Pokemon Diamond and hunted for flags.

Went and met Lyndon Gregorio, and Chompy again... although They didn't seem to recognize me...... I talked to Chompy and mentioned Khan... buuuut... she recognizes me ... just a bit :/

coincidentally, Sean was there... he was just checking out the convention, just like me.... and we had the same thing in mind... There was nothing to do there!!

Oh, and Pilar bought me Volume 19 of Pokemon Special/Adventures!! XD *thanksabunch*

I rest my case... it was a total bore... I just hope that H3 con would be better... I'm forced to go and cosplay with the Pkmn-ph group :/

8:32 PM
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Friday, May 30, 2008

Believe it or not.. someone knocked on our door right after some procession, (I was the only one there so naturally I'd answer)...

They offered some Biblical stuff, Believe it or not.. Their names were Brad and Chad!!.. well no, they weren't :/

They're Bryan and Richard.. still sounds the same XD

anyways, Two days visiting UST for my enrollment, and they just had to re-direct us yet again!! So I'll be returning to the Fouth just to finally get my subjects right :/

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Monday, May 26, 2008

I Wake at Noon

I'm still having a hard time sleeping... It's like I'm in a jet lag, 6 hours late than everybody else...

So I's lying down on my bed... and as usual... I'm hungry... I couldn't let it just be, I'd end up much thinner than I already am :/

So i decided!

For the first time in my life, I went outside the house at 3:00 AM, to grab a bite...

I went to 7-11 and bough food and ate there, it was a 20 min walk to get there. I got back around 5 AM. My grand mother caught me, but it seems like she thinks that I was watching late night/early morning TV shows again. She didn't question the Jacket I was wearing.

I might be doing the same later, but I'll be heading to UST instead, I'm off to go get pre-advised for my classes. Enrollment week starts tomorrow.

8:43 PM
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Saturday, May 24, 2008


So, My mom had to go to De Lasalle Benilde's Parent's Orientaion. Somehow, I got dragged in. I was very surprised D:

After all the universtities/colleges I've visited (notably, UST, UP, and Ateneo... I haven't gone 'inside' FEU, UE, and De Lasalle yet), Benilde has to be one of the most sophisticated places... that aura in that building has "High Class" written all over.... or maybe it's just the Hotel...? But no... The archetectural structure of the MMA Building is also awesome D:

Ateneo, has a medium sized campus, I was there last wednesday. The only thing I could complaine is that.... lunch has to be expensive there. TAT

UP on the other hand, is Huuuuuge!!! I just hate the fact you have to travel to the mathematics bldg, just to get to your math classes.... Or so I've heard :/

UST, is kinda small, compared to Ateneo, But then again, the cramped space, and tall buildings may have just been playing tricks on me :/

Which makes me think...... What if I went to UAP/DLS-SBU for MMA...? Life would have definitely different. I'd have a different set of friends D:


No... I don't want that... now that I'm happy in that class.

6:31 PM
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I Need Sleep!

Well... actually, I'm getting the right amount of sleep I should get... problem is, I'm sleeping at the right time, in the wrong time line. :/

I've been going to sleep at 5 AM, it's 2 AM now... my eyelids are heavy... I'm trying to get some sleep as early as now, but, to no avail... I'm to stay awake until I finally fall asleep.... This'll take a while...

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Thursday, May 22, 2008

How is my Wednesday?

I went to Ateneo... God, I had a hard time getting there, I constantly checked my map on ever intersection I crossed D:

Thankfully there was this kind couple who showed me how to get there and went with me till the gates. The girl was even kind enough to share a piece of chocolate with me. I think they thought I was an incoming freshman though :/

Why was I doing there anyway...?
Well... that person had a play produced there... an english workshop of some sort. that person happens to be the director. At lest now we have something else in common. Their play was very interesting, the ending was absolutely surprising. Honestly I didn't expect that. Excellent job, you! :3

Well... I got to Ateneo by Jeep, but I don't think it could work out going back... so i took a cab :/

2:58 AM
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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Airplanes Fly High!

So, now that my sister has just left this morning, for a week-long (I think) visit to America, (and possibly Fanime as well... that leaves me, my mom, and my little sister back here... or should I say, "hasn't been outside the country yet".

With that said.... More internet for me!! and my little sister ;3;

on a side note... it will be a very quiet week..... very quiet... especially at night..... D:

Aside from craving new clothes, I also want to go and buy cook/recipe books, and learn to cook real meals, not your run-of-the-mill Fry this thing and add rice :/

Another is that I want a Huuuuuuuuuuge Teddy that I'd want to call....... *coughsuzukicough* Hiroiki :3

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Sunday, May 18, 2008

New Shirt?

This is very strange.... I somehow want to go on a shopping spree to buy clothes :/

Usually I just get them from people as gifts.. but this time around, I want to go and search the malls for shirts and some other clothing stuffs (Jackets, pants, etc.) by myself, for myself....


anyway, I'll be returning RJ's PSP tomorrow... My trial period has run up D:
*goes to watch Junjou Romantica Eps 1-6 One last time in his PSP*

11:31 PM
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Friday, May 16, 2008

It's Official...

Ever since my birthday last Monday, May 12, My Biological clock only allows me to sleep around 3:30-4:00 am :/

I am having a hard time to sleep... I have rounded up the culprits... they are:

Video games:
I just received the package my dad had sent me.. and I'm hooked to Mario Kart DS D:
Not to mention RJ lent me his PSP last week, I've been playing The Sims 2, using it as an MP3 Player, and watching episodes of Junjou Romantica and Engine Sentai Go-Ongers on it...
And I've said, My uncle sent me Tomb Raider: Legends, Lumines on my birthday and RJ lent me his P3... I've been playing around since then... D:

Must finish all games.. must Unlock Unlockables D:

Next would be... uhh... I mentioned I put Junjou Romantica and Go-Ongers in RJ's PSP, right...?

Then there's replays of X-Play at 1:30 AM... At 1:AM there's Cinema Tech Nocturnal Emissions... I only watch that for those Japanese games we've never even heard about! :3

Okay... this adjusted timeline is affecting me greatly :/

I get hungry at midnight and I can't just open up the pantry (it's locked) or cook food (The gas is turned off and I might forget to turn it back off when I use it) I can't even call for delivery (I'd have to unlock the main door, the second Gate, then the main Gate)

God... I need help :/

2:15 AM
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Monday, May 12, 2008


So the I had a party planned for my birthday.

First off... I woke up around 2 AM, Insomnia trying to wake me up again :/
So I went and cleaned up y room, as I do every year, on my birthday, Though I don't think it stands for any superstitious mumbo jumbo. I finished around 3:30... So I decided to take on a new task... I picked up some clay and tried to make a human sculpture, but I ran out of clay... so it's a WIP. I'd love to finish it and upload to DA.

Then an unexpected surprise! My Uncle in the US, sent me original copies of Lumines, Lupin the 3rd, and Lara Croft: Tomb Raider Legend!! That made me giddy all morning!

I took a nap around 8:30 till 11:30. Insomnia woke me up too soon, and sleep attacked while I was lounging in my room.

My guests arrived in the after noon. I was surprised that Marina was the first one to come.. usually it'd be RJ, and Kechu was early last year... Aleli managed to come, and Che and Khan came after their classes.

The usual happened... except for one thing.. The party turned into some Gamer's Lounge! I could have taken more pictures with Marina's Cam... but... D:

Anyway, The usual Versus games on the PS2, then the addition to RJ and Kechu's PSP's (although RJ's psp dies when attempting to game share) Then there's my DS... and RJ's (he was envious of mine... and wanted to play WEWY, so he bought one)

Then there's Che... She plans on getting one of the hand helds, but She couldn't decide.

As usual, Marina Left Early, Followed by RJ, Che and Aleli... Khan and Kechu stayed and talked about SC2 updates, and Pro vids. They left around 7:30.

Did I mention I lost my internet just after my previous blog post? Well, actually the CPU broke down.. and that means no internet :/

Anyway, They got it repaired just today as well :3

10:10 PM
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Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Another Day Out

So, today I went out again, the Nth time since last week. Anyway I met up with Pilar and Avegaille in SM, Pilar had her brother come too. He was engrossed with my DS :/

So we had a fun day, We went window shopping in Power books, Toykingdom, comic alley... The usual.. and we played in Timezone... God I still can't get the hang of Zafina, that and I've forgotten most of Xiaoyu's move list.

Thanks again Pilar for treating us :3

On another note, I had a pet for the shortest time :3

I heard rustling in my laundry/used clothes bin. Turns out it was a baby rat... It managed to get in, but can't jump out! It was so cute I wanted to keep it :3
I gave it crackers... but It didn't want to eat when I was staring at it :3

Too bad it had to be killed D:
I sent the bin down stairs and the help disposed of it :/
I miss you rattty~ Oh, there's a new game for the DS!!?

Ahaha... My dad bought me Mario Kart DS and Tomb Raider Legends for the DS!!
He'll be sending them sometime soon, and said it'd arrive by my birthday :3

While in SM Megamall, we went to Data Blitz, and tried to confirm if what my dad said was right... and shockingly, They don't have Phoenix Wright Games anymore!! D:

Well, they did have one last copy of the second game (Justice for All) but that's just one, In 4 weeks I'll be able to purchase it... But how long will it last in their shelf?? D:

Another is that they don't have World Ends With You yet :/

5:41 PM
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Sunday, May 04, 2008

Movie Plz

I've been going out of the house since Wednesday, and now in those four days, I've run out of money :/

Oh, well.... *waits till the week after next for allowance*

Anyways, Yesterday I went out to watch a movie with my sis and Khan. I thought it was the usual people, like Kang, Benj, Creole, and the rest... I was surprised that it was Ken and Macci instead! Yeah, really surprised. So we went and watched Ironman, it was awesome!! I wont spoil the movie, but instead, here are a couple of tidbits in the movie:

-Stan Lee was there
-Tony Stark has a Wii
-They pulled off a "Metal Gear" in the "Final Battle"
-Obvious Refference to the cartoons and Comics (nothing new for those fans though)

and uhhh..... Did I mention that awkward Scene when Pepper walked in Tony and Jarvis' Conversation/Argument? Ahahaha.....

A great movie should have an easter egg after the credits!

I really hate the audience sometimes... especially if youre watching some lame filipino movie... why are you watching that anyway? >:/

Anyway, I just noticed.... A lot of people Leave duriing the credits... Don't they want to know the names of the actors? Don't they want to know the companies that helped in the graphics? Don't they want to know the name of that certain song? Don't they know there's an easter egg after the credits??

Apparently not...

Anyway, We went to power books and Fully booked... and as expected, they really don't have Pokemon Adventure's R/S Arc...

All, in all.. it was Alright, except the running out of money part...

12:33 PM
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Thursday, May 01, 2008

To the MALL, Sparky!!

It's been a long day.... I got lots to say...

First off: The shocking news!

I went out today on a trip around GreenHills, Robinsons Galleria, Megamall, Mandaluyong City, ans Shangrila. It was very tiring, My feet hurt when I got home. No, no that's not the shocking news... it's the fact that I started with 1200 pesos in my wallet... now, it's just a mere 250 D:

Oh noes!! I'm such a Spender!! I'm not usually Like this... On special missions, like wanting that certain game, makes me save money, But I blame other hobbies of mine that hinder...

Let us view my shopping list a while ago...

P200 = 4 Yujin (Gashapon/Capsule Toy) Tokens (equivalent to 2 Gashapon/Capsule Toys)
P260 = 2 Pirated Games (it's actually a gift for a friend, and sonce he's more of a pirated kind of person :/ might as well...)
P180 = Pokemon D/P Great Encounters Booster (not for me)
P??? = Commute
P102 = Lunch at Mc Donalds
P52 = Snack at 7-11

Wishlist: (these are what I found but didn't have enough money to buy)
P1200 = DX Engine Birca (Go-Ongers) with Birca Soul
P750 = Gligar Plushie
P999 = Lego Creator (Black Spider)
P??? = Wiimote (Ahahaha... I didn't manage to find out how much one cost)

Good, god... I spent a lot D:

Okay... now for the annoying news.
I went to GH Fully Booked, Rob Galle new book store (forgot what it was again) and SM Mega and Shang's Power Books... All I found were Pokemon Mangas Volume 1-14!! so I summed up a conclusion.... They don't have the R/S saga I wanted D:

Now, then... what was I doing in Mandaluyong? I went there to drop a package... I'm not sure if it was the right place... but I did follow the map I had, and the house number. It was just that no one answered the door.....
I just hope I dropped it in the right house D:

Of course what's a trip without a good side?

Well, I was lucky at the two Gashapon toys I got! The first one I got was Rhyperior, One of Two of Seven Figures that are bigger than the rest!! It have me a Hype to buy another one, That and the capsule was Spherical in shape! I could just paint it into a pokeball :3

So the second one I got was also great... At first I said to myself, I'll give it away as a prize in the next Contest in, but then again, Yanmega/Yana Came out!! It was what I wanted from the whole set!! So, naturally I won't give it away XD So lucky~

Oh, another thing.... What place can give you a 50-ish Peso meal, with a drink as big as 32 oz!? 7-11 That is!! I had my lunch around 11:30-ish, and and went around Rob Galle, SM Mega, Manda, Shang, I got tired of walking around, and I got a headache, around 3:40 I was still in shang, so I want to the food court... Ugh so expensive... even a Fruit Shake D:

I'd like to try Wendy's, Their Biggie is also satisfying... but the meals are just expensive...

So I thought to myself, "just go home, there's a 7-11 on the way home right, go get 'BIG UHAW'!". So I did and, boy, was it satisfying. I ate a sandwich for P24 the Big Gulp was P28, and after eating the sandwich, and what felt like a regular in KFC, I was surprised I didn't even finish Half! going home from there takes less than 10 minutes by commute (Jeep/FX). I got home and there was still a lot, around 1/5 of the glass... Ahhh... that was satisfying :3

What was I doing out during Labor day anyway? well, I was supposed to go out the day before (wednesday), but My mom gave me my "summer allowance" that night instead of the usual tuesday night.

Another is that I did strainous activities (extreme walking under extreme heat) to tire myself, hoping to knock myself back to a normal biological time line.

Oh, and I celebrated a certain someone's birthday by going outside~ even though we didn't meet!!


I wished we did though. ;3;

Wow... what a long entry.... I bet you people got tired of reading that hunh?

9:14 PM
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Today was Yesterday?

Oooookaaay... the strangest thing just happened, I just mixed up the dates and thought yesterday was thursday :/

I was so convinced, I checked the Calendar twice D:

I'm blaming lack of sleep...

On another note~

Happy birthday to you~
Happy birthday to you~
Happy birthday, Happy birthday...
Happy birthday to you~!
Hugs and Kisses my love T3T

Ahahahahaha... ha.... Moving on....

I updated the header... It has 11 Random images :3
it has 5 Art stuffs, 5 Pokemon Themes. So, just Click refresh ti'll you find the one you like :3

Oh, poo... I'm over doing it, aren't I? :/

8:32 AM
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