Tuesday, July 22, 2008


I need a romantic D:

I have mixed feelings for the term "Love"

On my way home tonight, after a curfew class (a class that ends at 9pm), I saw this really cute Cfad couple on the jeep I rode home. They were holding each other's hands, and both were tired, they slept on each others' shoulders... I couldn't help but smile. I take two jeeps home, so I dropped off at where I'm supposed to switch routes. On the second ride I saw Two more couples, The other were engaged (I saw a diamond ring on the girl) and were cuddling each other. The other pair was a bit more casual, except that they're holding each others' hands. They had to be the cutest pair I've seen. (although I said to myself.... WTF? Is it Couples Night??)

Quite frankly... I was envious...

to make matters worse, the second pair went down, off the jeep, on the same place where I was supposed to...

and to make it even worse, they live in my street!! D:

This obviously shows that I do not know much about our neighbors...

Which also reminds me... After watching The Dark Knight, I found myself walking through the "Hidden" food department of the mall (Galle actually, even though I watched Batman in Shang). and By "Hidden" I meant High-class or exotic tucked away safely on one of the small, and slightly unnoticeable wings/hallways that doesn't usually interest people into going into it. The food smelled nice and I though to myself... "I wish someone would take me on a romantic date... or vice versa."


Why the Hell was I thinking those!!? D:

11:02 PM
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Sunday, July 20, 2008

Black is the night, Bright is the day...

So I went and watched The Dark Knight. Actually, I was supposed to go to the Arnis Demo, but I couldn't find it. It was actually in the Defense and Arms convention, I didn't go in to check because I had to buy a ticket.

Anyway, The movie was awesome! and different. It felt like Three Epic Batman Episodes!!
Heath Ledger as Joker was awesome, It's sad that he died young... *may he rest in peace*
I grinned widely when I saw "Harvey Dent after batman rescued him" I was like Two-Face!! it was awesome, The whole burnt on the other side was cool, yet gruesome... in a way... I'm thinking it's CG.

As I went home, I saw Mang Fil at the MRT, and that's where I was told where the Arnis Demo was at. Oh, well... At least I watched Batman :3

Hmm.... everyone is playing Diablo 2 LoD again. Definitely because of the Diablo 3 Announcement, I mean it got into the top 10 FAQ page in gamefaqs.com in just one week!

Anyway...... Let's go old school shall we?
I went and answered some random quizzes XD

What Pokemon Are You?
I am a Spinda!

9:12 PM
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Saturday, July 05, 2008

The Old New Things

So My mom and I went to Quiapo to buy me a Camera for Photography class. It's a Nikkon FM10 SLR, I need to but film for it though...

I also managed to get Diablo 2 LoD running with Kechu, Somehow he can log into my server via TCP/IP option, but we can't seem to do it the other way around...

Oh, and my grandmother is planning to give away our old toys, so we ent up to the attic. The first thing in my mind was... "Oh, boy, toys from the good ol' days"

Minutes later, My child hood flashed before my eyes XD

I managed to salvage my child hood with K'nex Pieces, Lego pieces, Some stuffed toys (Like my TY Bear, and a Micro Machines Jhonny Quest set! My sister found Kelly dolls and the original Polly Pocket sets (the ones that actually fit in your pockets)

Oh well... Now that theyre dusty, time to clean them up and.. ACHOOO!!! Ugh.. I hate spring cleaning... But I just love to dig into the past. XD

8:25 PM
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