Wednesday, October 29, 2008


So about the outing... It was canceled at the last minute. Apparently a lot of people backed out. So I was left with nothing- Oh, wait- Actually There was a change in plan! There was an outing!! -Jompy's place :D

But first, I had to get advised for my subjects, Being there since 7 AM, I went and decided to go for a fixed block for my back subjects. It was easier than last time, Sometimes mixing up people from different classes. Anyway, I got 2AD4 AD2 and GRA2 classes (Gra2 - Tues, AD Wed and Fri 7-12 AM). I found out later that the other people I'm with that have back subjects similar to mine, took the alternative Section. They took the Mon-Wed AD class of 2AD1, and mixed up their normal schedule just to get the quote-and-unquote better professors.

Anyway, after getting advised, and had our sched encoded, Khan, Ken and I went to San Lazaro for T6. Khan says my Zafina is decent enough though. Other than T6, There's SC3, MVC2, Guitar Freaks 11th, and we tried out Ghost Squad.

After the arcade, around 5pm, we went back to UST for Nica; Were supposed to go to Jompy's place after. Ken couldn't some though, He didn't have enough money.

At Jompy's place, I got to meet his Brother, Pabs came sometime after we did, which was around 6-7, Macci came a little later. I like the place, actually. It's pretty cozy. Migs came after a while and Bombee and Jihan came around 12-ish, After a while, Macci had to go home, Khan went with her.

We drank of course, That was, I guess, the purpose of it. we were told Pabs fell asleep downstairs, and Bombee was sick + the couple of shots, brought him to sleep as well. I liked the conversations 'Kuya Than', Jompy, and Jihan had. They were old school, We talked about Jaw breakers, Power rangers, Pog, Kool Aid, really old candies, and a lot of things that had happened in the 90's. The 90's was definitely the best years if you're a kid. Nica? She was playing with Jompy's PSP; trying to learn to play Tekken. XD

Well, I didn't go home that night. We slept there, although my house was just two-three blocks away.

I left their place around 7AM with Migs.

As I got home, I couldn't sleep anymore, so I played with my DS until it ran out of batteries. I went and charged it and went back to my room. Moments later I realized it was dark already. I fell asleep apparently. It was around 6 when I woke up, and I realized I hadn't eaten yet. I missed 3 meals, Dinner the night before Breakfast and Lunch. So I went to Mc Donald's for a snack just before dinner.

on the way home, I was passed by Sicaba, There I saw Jompy and Nica, who apparently was just about to leave and was waiting for a Taxi. I stayed and chat for a while, and then it rained a little, That's when I went home. and blogged about our supposed "outing".

That was a nice outing... Hope we would have another one soon. :D

6:55 PM
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Monday, October 27, 2008


My grandmother is staring at me as I type. I find it annoying really.. Let her read. I think it's what she wants. To know what I'm thinking.

This probably started this after noon. I think I've forgotten most of the details, Why would I even bother. Let's just say one thing led to another, and that my "lack of response" just pissed her off... no... maybe it was my actual response? Maybe? I dunno. Must be something I said.

I guess she doesn't know that's how I speak at times. Yes I admit. I sound rude. but that's just me. I could never change that. If somehow you saw me and I didn't act like myself. That's not me. That must be an evil (well, not exactly) alien, twin, poltergeist, or clone or something.

So anyway, It's also about the clash of values and well.. I could toss every topic out there, Religion and Christianity included.

Sometimes, I just wish some people would just stop bothering me. Especially if it's something small and illogical.

Like for example, I went and got a bowl of Ice cream. I ate it and placed the empty bowl on the table because I'll get some more, but I'm caught up typing on my blog. and now, here comes a certain someone telling me "If you're finished with the bowl, place it in the sink." Yes, yes, I've heard it a million times. and besides If I were truly finished with it, I would have put it in the sink and not on the table, wouldn't I? I'm not like my sister who would ask the help to do my bidding.

Yes that's my point there. I'm not done with it so I put it on the table. Would it kill you to think about that for a moment?

Another thing that really bugs me... I think I blogged about this already, is Repetition. not repetition as in weekly, but more of a smaller time-cycle, like daily. Yes, I don't eat b-l-d at the same time each day, I may take a bath in the morning or late evening, sometimes in the afternoon. If given Vitamins for everyday consumption, I might do it every other day though I may forget about it and not take it at all. Because of this, I think I'd hate to take a job that repeats itself every bloody day.

I think this blog is long enough... but my grandmother is still staring at me like some lioness on prowl.

God, I think i remember now. It was something about conflict between attitudes. Bleh.
Something about me being so negative, actually, come to think of it, everything she says about me is pretty negative. Like the time I asked her if we had Neozep because I had a clogged nose, and then she started complaining about me not drinking water, because my lips are dry. Well... Why wouldn't it be dry? I have a clogged nose! I've been breathing through my mouth the whole time! it just pisses me off that sometimes people just don't think and asks/tells you something even though it quite apparent. Thank you very much, Captain Obvious!

Yes, this is becoming more of a rant now...

Also, like the time I went home pissed after PE, Mine was Korfball that time, and at that time, we didn't have wireless so my sister hogged the internet all day. Then she asked me "What is Korfball" I responded "Google it" then she suddenly gets angry at me, I mean she has the internet for cripes sake, I don't want to explain the whole bloody concept of that game.

So where were we...? oh, yes. The deal with me "not being compatible" with my grand mother. Oh geez, Isn't that what life is? "You can't really remove the stains on the wall, without some sort of remover". Honestly, that is the dumbest philosophy I've heard. it translates " If you don't want to live with it, Eliminate it". God, that is so old fashioned, like emperors killing heretics. Can't you just live with it? I mean, You can't really eliminate pests permanently, Sure they'll be gone, but after a while they'd come back, and usually with an immunity.

It's 11:50 PM I'd like more Ice cream, but she's still staring at me. I want to keep on typing for as long as she is staring.

Hmm.. I wonder...? Can she actually read it from where she's standing?

Oh, and there's her usual speech about me not being happy here, in this house. "Go to where youre happier, we didn't force you to stay, Leave if you will". As I said, This is life, There's no true happiness, they're usually short-lived. Besides, (I'd like to finish this blog now with this final statement; quite fitting for the all souls day and Halloween scenario) If you really don't like me to be here in this house, and that you want me to go someplace where I think I'd be happier... HERE'S A KNIFE! DRIVE IT THROUGH MY CHEST! That way I'm not here anymore, and I'm in a place where you some people call "paradise". No I don't believe in heaven nor hell.


Thank god I'm not here tomorrow, the next day, the 30th and probably the morning of N-1st. :D


Hmmm... I think this has to be my longest post since I created this blog. I should treat myself to something :D

Although... it's more of a rant actually. :/


12:20 still staring. She said something about "go and print it already, you have all night to read" What she doesn't get is that I'm adjusting the template of my blog.
Yes, It's the evil me talking... "Old dogs never learn anything else once they hit that age. That or it requires a million Ability Points for them to learn just one single new thing."


Alright I give up :/
I'll go shut this down, go get more ice cream, and go sleep. so that I can wake up early tomorrow, alarm already set, go get advised, and off to that outing.

And yes, by now you should have realized, I'm not a "Family-kind-of-guy".

11:26 PM
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My memory fails me at some times.

At times it's something I just did, at other times it's something from a week ago. Sometimes It's excellent, and it would seem that the only one who remembered it was me.

Just now... I'm at Lesson 25 on My Japanese Coach, and I've pretty much forgotten about some of the previous lessons... I can't remember what the month counter was again. :/

Other than That... I've confirmed Three sites not responding anymore due to the DNS problem PLDT has: - hasn't loaded in two weeks - broken under one week - Graphic heavy. isn't loading for me anymore... I'm not sure if it's the same DNS problem or not, It just stopped loading today. :/


Speaking of forgetting something... I've forgotten to say "Happy 1-year" to my DS on 9/30 :D (Yes, I am a dork)


Oh and another thing, TV broke since last week. So, without internet and my DS, and money to go to places I'd be bored to death by now. Thank god We have internet, I have a DS, and I manage with one thousand for the whole sembreak. :D

7:28 PM
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Friday, October 24, 2008

I've got something to do...

...for the rest of the sembreak!! or until I finish it.

I went to RJ's place today because I had nothing to do, but basically we did was... nothing. :/

I went and used his DS to get a Manaphy, and Evolve some Pins. He got and tried his Opera Browser for the Wii. I tried typing with it, it was kind of a hassle though (yes it's that one on the chat box). We watched an episode of Negima!? (I liked the old/original story better). and He gave me a copy of "My Japanese Coach" for the DS.

That last bit may keep me busy all month. :D

At least I have something to do and learn (partial) Japanese at the same time :D
I find Kana (Katakana + Hiragana) hard to memorize though.

11:22 PM
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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Read Me

Use a QR reader.

I'm fascinated with these Phone-Bar-Code thingy. And I just wanted to try this little generator I found. Although I'm not too sure if it worked. I don't have a reader myself.

Don't have a reader? All you need is a Cellphone and a program from this website. Don't worry, it's not a link to some virus :D

There are only a certain number of cellphones that can make use of this though. I wish I have one ;3;

One more for Variety (the first one just says my url)

Use a QR reader.

11:23 PM
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Last Minute

An impromptu party was held at my place. Rina wanted a get-together, so we held up with what we can. Marina, Me, RJ, Che, Kechu, Were there. I was able to drag Pilar and her brother too :D

So Right after we got our "clearance" we went to 7-11 to buy stuff: Two packs of Pic-A bbq, Coke Zero, Pringles, and some hotdogs, because Che and I haven't eaten lunch yet.

It was pretty much a geek out. Played Melty Blood, KoF XI, KoF MI Regulation A, Narutimate Heros Accel 2 (PS2) Patapon, God of War (PSP) and Pilar's brother kept himself to his DS, Most likely The World Ends With You.

Fun afternoon actually... even though there wasn't much to do. We quickly got tired of fighting games. which ended up with Marina torturing RJ and vice versa. Of course, Che and I joined in. :D

9:32 PM
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Monday, October 20, 2008

I hate you.

I can't forget about what happened. that moment. It was a dream, no matter how I look at it. It would have never been real.

That night, On that snow covered hill, SNOW, yes snow! That bit of information just screams "NOT REAL"). I was alone, Everyone else was in the cottage, I didn't want to mingle, too much hassle. I wanted to climb that hill, I didn't know you two were there, you were sitting with your "boy friend" (not real). You invited me to sit with you, and I did. After a short chat he left us, probably wanted hot cocoa. And moments later, you said something I couldn't believe. I've let myself close to you- we shared a kiss.

God that was annoying. Waking up. Recalling such a romantic dream. And seconds later Reality comes in and smacks you in the face. Yes, something horrible woke me up. It was the carpenter downstairs applying Varnish onto some furniture.

Why? Why such a wonderful dream filled with romance?? Why not the usual Adventure to some ancient temple only to find out we have to save the world and one by one we die because of a supernatural baby that kills off people with laser beams coming out of it's mouth?

I realized my DS was open. I was listening to music and I fell asleep. No wonder. Why did I put sad depressing BGMs and sad love songs and all that stuff in there?? I think I should renew my Playlist for this week...

Something like:

11:50 PM
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Sunday, October 19, 2008

I went Outside this Weekend :D

So, right. Yesterday, Me and family went to 8Waves, just for the heck of it.
For the first time, The Water slide was on :D
When we went there before they were still working on it, Also, at the wave pool, it seemed so deep, Now I could just practically stand there, unless the waves came crashing in.

The waves were pretty much a good Stamina/Lower body exercise. Try running to the middle while enduring the waves coming at you, My legs still hurt by the way. Which reminds me, I though up of a really cool scene:

The master has gone missing at the beach, the maids start looking for him and one of the maids (possibly the lead female, or the 'third' of the harem) finds him in the middle of the water, clinging onto a piece of wood. She then runs toward him, waves crashing, her dress gives her a hard time, but she still tries to run, tripping occasionally just for her 'master'.

That would be a bitch to animate though :/

Anyway, moving back on, The Lap pool (or the Olympic pool as I call it, minus the diving board) was pretty much the best place to be. Until those school kids came, and god, it became the noisiest place in the whole place.

Of course, you can't come home without something wrong. I Scraped my right knee, three toes, and my legs hurt. My arms hurt too, but I think it's from Playing Eye Sheild 21 (Wii) the day before.

One thing bugged me though: Men's swimwear. Sure, Swimware should be trunks or those bikinis, Shorts are alright, although shorts with pockets tend to have air in them, thus making those bubbles on your sides. No that's not my rant. I'm perfectly fine with that. What I'm not alright with is Boxers. Yes, BOXERS. Why the hell? I have nop idea, there is probably a 35% ratio of men wearing Boxers to the pool, most of which were at the Olympic Pool, 50% would be for shorts, while the lesser 15% would be PROPER SWIMWEAR aka Trunks. I don't know. it just ticks me off. I mean Boxers, sure they have elastics and are quite thin so they pretty much dry up fast, but they're UNDERGARMENTS. I understand if a ten year old would have briefs to the pool, but They're TEENS, High School probably, I don't know, Age by looks is very confusing, considering there are a lot of people who look younger/older in my college. Underwear NOT Swimwear. Really... For a moment I just wanted to humiliate them by stopping time and pull down their boxers, each and every one of them. But no, I do not have the ability to stop time. :/

Yes I find Underwear used for Swimwear childish.

So, like, why was I talking about guys? Simple. Women's Fashion is just too broad compared to men's. It's pretty hard to find a Unique Men's Fashion among common folk. It's either the sporty look, emo, casual, and whatnot. Although Metro is a lot more broader, but they get repetitive at times. Women's we talk about lots of things, I'd rather not stretch my blog that long.


Anyway, I guess that's that.
Today I went to Artoo's again, for the first session of the Star Wars Campaign. It progressed quite well, actually. Two Fight scenes, and we did pretty good. Although it was just me, Artoo, Sean, and Chris. Khan wasn't there, so was my sister, Creole and Biboy. They'd probably be incorporated in somehow in the next session.

9:24 PM
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Saturday, October 18, 2008

I'm not anyone else.

God I hate this.

Something it telling me to rant here in my blog, Why? Maybe it's just to grab your attention.

ME!? Grab someone's attention? When did I ever do that? I'm the type who would sit in a corner during a party and shut up completely while observing everyone else.

I have friends. I'm alright with that. Then why am I still seeking something else?
Do I really want such a social life?
What do I want, really? I don't know.

It's like any other day when I'm hungry, and ask myself, What do I want to eat? maybe Pasta but I ate spaghetti two days ago. Pancit Canton? I've already had 4 sevings this week, too much preservatives. Mc Do? We eat there almost every frickin day, Plus prices just went up. Jolibee? It's almost like a clone of Mc Do, although that Burger Steak looks pretty good right now, but then again, it's far. Burger King!! No, too expensive. What? What do I want to eat? Tocilog? Candy?? Unless someone else suggests something, or at least majority says so, I won't be able to decide where.

Ugh, DGAT nalang, mag Mephisto runs tayo :/

*dies of hunger*

1:02 AM
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It's Sad

I can't cry anymore.

Not that I couldn't, but under normal to semi-grave circumstances, tears just aren't flowing out.

Sure, there are times when I start crying, but it disappears just as quickly.

I want to cry, Yes, I admit. I want to. I miss the somewhat relaxing feel after, especially if you're there supporting me.

I don't know... something makes me feel bad so sudden. I- I don't know.. it's just suddenly, I want to cry tonight.

Yes, quite emo-ish post, I admit.

Tara! INUMAN TAYO!!! >:O

12:53 AM
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Friday, October 17, 2008


Why are certain love songs so emotive?

Does it speak directly to one's heart and somehow bind them in a spell?

I don't know, After listening to Crush by David Archuleta (yes I know it's old. I don't exactly pay attention to the hot and not of the music industry) I feel strange.

As if something is compelling me to do something about my quote-and-unquote situation.

12:56 AM
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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Out Today

Finally went out with friends~ What's more important, Marina is Finally in a Mall with friends Unsupervised. And for the first time She watched a movie in a theatre :D

Marina, Justine, Mykie, Mike, Gian, Me, Kechu, and RJ were there... Khan was supposed to go too, but things happened :/

We watched Mirrors.

It was a Nice Triller Movie. Nice concept, It was great around the middle part. But around the ending it fealt like a video game attempt (Fighting a Last Boss). and it had a "Silent Hill (movie) Ending" (Yes I just spoiled the ending :D )

Carol was there, but she didn't watch the movie because she doesn't like horror/thriller/gore.

"Youre such a Loser" :/

Really, why'd you even bother coming when the movie was the highlight of the whole get together?

Anyway, After the movie we went around Toys R Us, Power Books, and Datablitz. After that we had dinner and went home. oh, and that inside joke about Diablo :D

Just a one-day thing... I'm looking forward for other times I'm not at home :/

Like Swimming with Family on Saturday, Clearance Day, Enrollment (though it'd be more of a hassle), Block outing, Block Party (Halloween and stuff).

One more thing..... I'm getting rusty quite quick D:
I've Been playing Melty Blood Act Cadenza and now my Zafina isn't so efficient anymore. I even believe that when T6 BR comes out and I try and study Larse/Alisa, I'd forget about Zafina. That and My Xiao is really weak if I use a Joystick. :/

... Halloween Party = Costume Party. Hmmm... Maybe I could Just bring a Video Camera and say I'm Pablo the Cameraman :D


BTW, The credits of Wall-E That I was talking about :D

It's just too awesome :D

9:30 PM
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Monday, October 13, 2008

Moving on...

Sem break begins!! No more School work!! At what cost?

... staying at home doing practically nothing D:

I want to go out, now please. Someplace I can go to and do stuff. I might even consider sleeping in someone else's house. What to do...?

Go-On subs are moving in Slowly.
Junjou Romantica Season 2 's subs aren't released yet.
Tales of the Abyss Anime looks waaay better than the game. but would have to wait for subs.
Need more roms on Kawaks and MAME, plus controller adapter.
I want to go out more often.
Get new Headphones.
Finish one Sprite Sheet.
Eat out in an expensive restaurant with friends. :D (as if)
Go get Driver's and Biker's License.
Earn lots of money.
Get a Job.
Save up for a PSP.
Hope that I'd get a Wii on Christmas/My Birthday. (another as if)
Graduate on 2011

list goes on.. and the longer it gets the more depressing it would be if I read it again D:

Anyways, now I know that if I don't comb my hair up the usual way I do, I get Emo Hair for the rest of the day. /random

4:23 PM
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Friday, October 10, 2008

God I was such a git D:

Events today ran like a roller coaster, good, bad, better and worse. I finally got to take the exam on logic, so my vacation finally starts. I went back to Sienna, my high school, to get the Year book and I was totally dumbfounded.


It's all coming back, but there are new things, things that wasn't there and wasn't supposed to be there. Like those three rooms that turned into computer labs D: THREE COMPUTER LABS!!


As soon as I got my yearbook, I ran away trying not to recall all those horrible high school memories


I have no idea why I even bothered with the year book. Reading it just brings more bad memories, and names of people who i should have forgotten already


Anyway, speaking of the past, something has led me to read my previous Blog entries... and I couldn't believe what i saw D:

I can't believe I wanted an N Gage D:
I can't believe I sounded like a Narutard D:
I had so many ellipses D:
My constant complaints about my insomnia D:


I feel so awful.

Good thing my last revival till my recent post looks decent enough :'D

10:50 PM
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Friday, October 03, 2008


Once again, after 6-7 months, I got sick. Not because of the rain, not because of bad food, not because of being with other sick people, but because of stress.

That was the same case last March, it was during Finals, and now it has happened again, on Finals, again.

Good thing I managed to take initiative now :'D

Hopefully I can still go to school later :/
I'll just bring my meds.

10:15 AM
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