Saturday, July 30, 2005

Recap Time!

OKAY!!! Mecha Mage Fanatic is back on the job!!

Now Let's see... Since my last post... (It was on Celine's Debut and my sis' 19th birthday)

Okay! Let's start!!!

--------------My Birthday--------------

Nothing "much" Happened... Well A lot of my friends went.... but I couldn't entertain everyone... Well ate least we had fun...

Played A couple of vs Fighting games with teh guys... CAPCOM vs MARVEL 2!!!!
LunchBot:*rings luchbell*
1000's of servebots: LUNCH TIIIIME!!!!!
40 Hits.... but not that much damage...

And Watched Tsubasa Reservoir With the gals...
What!? To the other Dimention!!?

The Gifts:
*Kyrie gave me a replica of an ancient short dagger... to my surprise it was almost real.... (all I hafta do is sharpen it...)
*Kye Gave me a card... I understand....
*Rina gave me a stufftoy.... what would I do to a small stuffed yellow-egg-thing... too bad it wasnt that "Other" egg thing... it was cute... hers wasn't...
*Rae... she gave me 4 pcs. of chocnut... weird...
*Kushiro... he gave me a little santo nino... ... ... ...
*Ichidai-kun ... he stayed till morning... supposed to have left that night... but *Anki called and he was held up... till 12:00 ... and we woke up about 9... 10 the next day...

--------------Start Of Class--------------

Well, It was the first day after all..., A lot of people were singing "First Day Funk" over and over.... My classmates are a comlete chatterboxxes... I know co'z I was with them the last year and the year before that and the year before that...

--------------Rina's Birthday--------------

Not that Exciting... Boring actually... well... not that boring... *Kushiro needed to go home early... *Rina said "What!!?? He's A Guy and Still not allowed outside after 7:00!!???" It was funny tho... Oh, And *Rae "Accidentally" swallowed the filling in her tooth... Hmmm.... what does it taste like?

--------------Ate-Jem's New School--------------

One day I was sitting down with my friends durring recess And Guess who I saw...

Okay... you got that right because of the title...

--------------Plug In Rockman, Transmission!--------------

Well... Yeah... I Finally Got all 56 Episodes of Rockman EXE I just love it... somehow... eversince I got hooked with Megaman X4... them played Megaman X5, then Megaman X6... Somehow Bought Rockman X8 even though I dont have a PS2... Still Looking For Rockman X Command Mission And Rockman X7(Either Either or both PS2 and PC version)... Well... I finished it... the Ending was Quite... Uhhh... So I guess I need to Download/Buy The next Series... The 51 Episoed Rockman EXE AXESS... t6he I guess... Rockman EXE Stream...

What I really Like about Capcom's Megaman Series (Classic, X, Zero, Battle Network, Dash) Is their Music... like Be Somewhere(Rockman EXE Stream), Begin the Try (Rockman Exe), Jounetsu Setsuna (Rockman X Command Mission), Overshine, Ruby Star, Code Crush (Rockman X7), And Many More Icluding BGM's!

--------------Unang Hirit Sa Siena--------------

Well... Those who Watch Unang Hirit before going to school Knows that they go to different schools... Well yea... Last August 2 2005, Unang Hirit Visited our school Siena College QC Well... StoneFree Was Also there!!!!

More info in Rina's Blog


Yea... Just saying that I am.... I'm leviathanofuda And a link is provided....

--------------I guess that's all... I think...--------------

Not sure if I got all... Well... I'll post agin... Sometime soon ~ See Ya'~

12:53 PM
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Saturday, July 16, 2005

Upload... 50% Complete...
Spell... 50% Accurate...

Well... now that I got the javascript for the rando-image right... All I need to do is fix some other stuff... like how it looks on Mozilla Firefox.... in Mozilla it looks broken... and the scroll bars are not there turning the blog into one long blog... and how to put the comments bellow the article... Oh, And i need a colorist for my Original Artwork to be presented in rando-image sometime soon... I'll try to update progress as well as stories, after it's complete, I'll research about Mechs at the same time, Magicks afilliated with mechs and vise vesra...

^___^ See ya~

10:34 AM
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Sunday, July 10, 2005


Hehehe... With my new lay out and theme...The Mage Fanatic... Or should I say "The Mecha Mage Fanatic(TMF ver2)" It's gonna be Great!!... Yep, The Mage Fanatic is currently going under some changes since it already in it's 1st year (4/28/2004)!!


The mage fanatic was able to tackle some interesting facts on his Major... Arts of Magicks... but he felt that his research was still incomlpete... He thought of every thing that involved magic... then it hit him- ARTIFICIAL MAGICKS!!! The type of from Machina, or machines, The ones that generate Powerful Energies and re-creates Magicks in comples gagets. Gagets that people, of those of no magical power, of those who took in technology and implated it onto them-selves, of those who lost their power, and yet still interested with such power, Weild...

Stay tuned for the next episode, where we'll intoduce such Mechs!

10:52 AM
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