Monday, May 28, 2007

Status Spell : Sap


Description: A status spell that slowly diminishes target's stamina and strength, Unlike poison, Sap consumes the target at a faster rate

Other Uses: none known so-far... must experiment further...

Need: Not so much... recommenced on tougher foes... but sometime they're immune to it...


I'm bored... I don't know why... it's just... it feels wrong.. I feel.. weak.. helpless...

Like I said before..
My Insomnia this year is getting worse... to the extent that i feel exhausted....
Not only do I blame Insomnia, I also blame Heat.. it's frickin hot here...
Even if it rains, concrete releases heat it stored from the previous days....


Well, I'm up every night/midnight/dawn.... most likely online... On Gaiaonline... but the site is just getting boring...
everything is getting boring..
even Final Fantasy XII, well that is if I try to get all the Espers (and I do want to).
I'm up, late at night, trying to recall websties I'm supposed to visit or sites that seem fun...
but... nothing... my mind draws up blanks.
I'm sitting here in front of my PC hoping someone else goes online to chat with me...
none... no one... if there were any, they wouldn't bother talking much.
I've got nothing to do... best be up in my room..
but no... my light's broken... it's dark.
I cant turn on the light in the stairway...
my sister'd wake up and turn it off....
I'm scared.. the dark.. it's pitch black... the sounds I hear..
mice rustling, gnawing, chewing, running through the roof....
so I'm here in the sanctuary of My PC... waiting 'till dawn for my sleep..
A Vampire I might be... having that feeling all night, hunger...
I can't find food to snack on at night time..
and the food seems... awful at day...
I'm getting, unhealthy as one would say....
My eyes.. sunk deep... marking my restless nights.
I would play a game to rid of boredom..
but I've been playing all day long... I'd better give it a rest...
a rest my console greatly deserves.

There are days where I go off out into the city... days I like and hate at the same time.
Free day at Wednesday, and Training at Saturday.
A chance to receive an allowance...
but sadly, wasted on junk food to, at least, satisfy my hunger.
I'd sometimes get bored while strolling through the mall..
"I've seen that there before... same stuff for sale..."
but, hey.. at least there are times I'd see an open copy of a good book or graphic novel to read...
but that is rare.
As I journey home.. I ponder on what happened.. and debate weather i buy food or not....

I don't feel so good.... ... ...

I'm always tired... hungry... bored...
and probably depressed for unknown reasons....
must I ponder any further about my current situation...?
I shall look into that as well...

"How Horrible!! He cant sleep and yet still has Nightmares!!"
-Montblanc, Final Fantasy XII


Hahaha!! Benji's recent post in LJ, a video of Fallout Boy's Misunderstood "This ain't a Scene, It's and Arms Race" lyrics Just made my Night...

you deserve a big THANK YOU!!!

Vid Here:

1:41 AM
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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Status Magic : Insomnia


Description: a magic spell that render the target unable to fall asleep for the duration of an equation that involves the spell level, caster's magic level, and target's luck...

Other uses: Staying up all night >:D

Need: Medium - Some mages are cranky because they fall asleep while casting their favorite/ultimate/ZeroShiki Spells


Well, It's like this every year... every April-May, I get a case of insomnia... I can't sleep untill I fall asleep.... I'm more active at night and, yeah. I'm asleep in the morning...

but this year, it's different.. I'm awake 'till 6-7Am and if I do wake up I fall asleep again... even if you turn off the air conditioning... I usually wake up at 2 now...

Hmm.. better start re-adjusting.. school's starting in, what?, 2-3 weeks...


oh, yeah.. there's Pangya for the Nintendo Wii~!
haha! I've got to try that!!


and yeah... nothing else... except, I'm wasting a lot of time trying to decimate the Uturan-Yensa race just to get Liscence points in FFXII

Lo, the opening cinematic of Chrono Trigger PS version:

2:56 AM
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Saturday, May 19, 2007

Status Magic : Confusion


Description: A magic spell that confuses an enemy. in a "confused" state one would mistake a friend as a foe and vice versa.

Other Uses: None

Need: not all prefer the "status changer Mage" class, but the spell may come in handy...


Well, I am confused, I had this plan for a very long time... I'm saving money for a hand held device, and my first choice is....

Nintendo DS (lite)

Unlike oher gamers, I like the DS because of the games it has.. Like Wario Ware, Trace Memory, Pokemon D/P, Phoenix Right, Elite Beat Agents, Contact, Children of Mana, and a whole lot more!

My idea was more games, and wacky innovations, like suddenly screaming "OBJECTION!!" at your DS durring lunch break.. or hastily rubbing the stylus on the touch screen as if defusing a bomb...

*sigh* I want!!!

I am Saving.. and by november this year, I'd have enough money...

But here's the deal.... The Sony PSP.... I didn't care about it at first, but since a friend talked a
bout it, I've been thinking... Hey, it's not so bad... MP3, Videos, A chance ti refresh my memory on remake games like Valkyrie Profile (Lenneth) and Tales of Eternia/Destiny2.... and playing the wacky Ape Academy!!

Now I'm not sure what to get anymore O....O

With the DS I continue my journey as a Pokemon trainer...
With the PSP I can practice on my Tekken abilities....
DS, Having fun with lots of games...
PSP, other things to do aside from games...
DS, I can chat/call people around the world...
PSP, Storage Device...
DS, Alarm Clock Capabilities...
PSP, Change the background/wallpaper..

I really don't know... Maybe you could convince me? X...X

well, Let's get it straight.. I'm getting the DS... unless someone/thing manages to change my mind!

2:34 AM
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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Misc Magic : Festival Fireworks

Festival Fireworks

Description: An offensive magic that does reasonable area damage.

Other uses: when used at the sky, it makes great inexpensive fireworks display.

Need: A flashy move, but not really needed...


It was my 18th birthday last may 12, and frankly, I don't feel any different.... but I could say that one thing that is, the whole birthday celebration became a 3-day thing, really strange and fun indeed!

May 11

I had my party on this day, two reasons, one, my best friend RJ had his braces put on the next day (12), and two, it was Arnise training on saturday , the next day.

anyway, the usual people came, RJ, Rina, Cheryl, and allelly, two other people who wasn't there last year came as well, my sister's friend, Khan, and A batch mate in the same college, Rina's classmate, and happens to live nearby, Kenneth... or as we call him Kenchu...

I had pasta that day, not ordinary spaghetti.. . I asked for two kinds of sauce to be served, the usual red spaghetti sauce, and my favorite garlic mushroom white sauce XD, served as well, everyone's favorite, Fried Chicken...

the usual, Party games, via PS2 (which I got last christmas) and I finally showed Rina "Lucky Star" which , I guess, she is obssesing about... XuX

it was fun! really... the day ended with khan leaving last... and me , my sister, and granma watching recent episodes of Heroes ...

May 12

Khan said the day before, I'd be going through 18 sparring lessons, or whatever, in arnise training.. XP but unfortunately he felt sick (probably because he didn't eat any pasta the day before.. I dont know, something about him hating italians) so I said nothing about such with Tina (one of the Leskas people/seniors during training)... I also met Dondi that day... I dont think i mentioned that to Khan though... anyways, he taught me the 12 basic blocks (since I was the only one lagging/guessing when we were practicing) and the 7 techniques..

I also sparred with this kid, he was nice... I hardly know anyone like him in his age... they'd all be playing around and shouting naruto stuffs and whatever...

Anyways, after training I met up with Arred in Shang... that's because he mixed up the dates again XP I told him twice that I'm having the party on 11... and he missed it... so I treated him for coke and fried rice.. and one game in guitar freaks.. V2!! but this kid ruined the night.. we accidentally got "linked" ans as I recall someone saying "some songs disappear when in link" I'm not sure though, but I couldn't find Luvly Merry go Round and Hikari E... but we did manage to find For the Future and Dragon Blade.... but it still sucked because of the link play...

May 13/14

when you think traditions are about to be broken, it comes and sleeps over in your place...
really, in my previous birthdays, I remember Arred sleeping over, every year, this time, I managed to get a copy of Silent Hill for us to play... but with it we learned one thing to fear....



.. not that SH's loading screen is creepy, but I think the copy is busted or something... It wont load the window cutscene!!

after that, we decided to play something else... then we slept when the sun was rising....
for the first time, I actually saw Arred sleeping!! O...O

that's pretty much my Weekend, and yeah, Happy birthday to mee~ XP

oh, and remember Lucky star? I just love the opening theme XD
it spawned the greatest sprite animation I have ever seen!!

Lo and behold, Rockman and his team dancing to the tune of Motteke Sailor Fuku!!

You can watch the comparison vid here

11:51 PM
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Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Special Magic : Reverb Shock

Reverb Shock

Description: An Offensive Magic spell that causes a fast and powerful electric attack, while releasing electric projectiles simultaneously

Other Uses: None

Need: a flashy move used by a Red Mage who carries a Sword, (and wants to kill devil O...o)


I've been playing Guitar freaks for like, How many times, and now, I think I should move on....

Move on to ADVANCED, I mean, or play other songs I haven't played, I've been playing Lovely Merry-Go-Round, Sobakasu, Hikari E, Himawari, Taisetsu Na Mono, and Dragon Blade over and over.... so, why not others?

I've tried (and cleared) Advanced Lovely Merry-Go-Round now... and moved the speed up from 2.5-3/4

After a few tries.. Dragon blade seems almost easy... I can finish it now... but I Still can't do it's ADVANCED version XP.. and I tried Agnus Dei.... I got the into right... but after that... no more X...x

There are songs I want to hear over and over, but I can't seem to remember/learn the name of that song... like that some with that power puff girl look-alike, with the two "V" shaped clips and the guitar....

And yeah, I don't play a REAL guitar... I just cant find time/(memory space in my brain) for all those strumming movements, Keys, and whatever.. X...x

11:41 PM
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Sunday, May 06, 2007

White Magic : REVIVE!!


Description: A White Magic spell that returns an unconscious ally back to consciousness (does not work on Dead allies).

Other Uses: Chance to One Kit KO an undead foe.

Need: One of the Must-Have spells a White Mage (or any other cross classes) should get early in the game.


I've finally decided to revive my blog... (and yeah.. I might not post a lot.. but I'm sure I'll post once in a while now)

anyways, A lot has happened since my last post... and I'd rather not state them all.... and like any other tradition, (if anyone noticed it) I *try* to revive my blog every May... (sometime near my birthday) hahaha... anyways...

I started with changing the image in the center, added the revived pages or Rina and Kye, and restored a floobe chatterbox... and yeah, a Gimmick.. A spell for each post....


4:24 PM
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