Monday, June 15, 2009

Note to self...

I'd better organize a new layout for this year before works starts piling on each other.

Plurk is now a priority for me. /sob *hasnolife*

Anyway, Blogging about last saturday because I haven't blogged for a while.

It was a debut party in The Fort Strip, namely in "Jill's" a Fancy bar/resto if you ask me. The place was definitely giving off this wonderful ambiance. I have pics but I haven't uploaded them yet. More on the party; I'm miffed because the same is happening here in any other debuts. Even in it's friendly appearance, drinks for everyone; party was (almost) exclusive to the young ones (our generation and the younger ones), Friends vs Family was still present.

I actually wanted to go and mingle with people, but because of my shyness, but I blame it more to "Family" my sister being there not wanting to be in the "friends" area of the place, which we obviously ended up in the "Family" side.

It was fun, I had Vodka, and a bit of Rum, They ran out of tequila though. The Penne Pesto Creme was wonderful, everyone went and got seconds on it. as usual, pork, fish (really delicious) and chicken. I was surprised that I really loved the Crab Stick Salad on Pita. It's just as wonderful as 77titas. I has a couple of Panacotta Mango, and a whole bunch of Creme Brule. Hmmm... I'd love to go back in time to get some more.

Ugh there was one point in the party that I totally froze and pondered... My cousin, male. he's taller, leaner, described as "hot" compared to me... and he's only 15. Fifteen Fucking Years Old.

That's pretty much what happened, it was the reason I couldn't go to toycon, but hey.

3:28 AM
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Friday, June 05, 2009


I haven't been blogging much, you can blame this in Plurk.
Micro-blogging is a lot more fun. it's so fun I tend to neglect my own blog.

And bahh... I never got to go and get a new layout for this blog (a yearly ting it seems.)

Anyway, Classes start on 8th... unless UST decides to isolate itself because of the AH1N1 case found in LaSalle Taft.

I have to say, that party I tried threw last May 16 was one of the best moments I had the whole summer. I should have asked Gel for their Wiimotes so we could have done a 4-player game.

Oh, and I passed my Rizal Class! yay for me.

I'm currently working on a revised version of the Lighthalzen Professor mob card. The first one definitely lacked impact... I'm trying to give it more "life" this time; I also included the Book of Apocalypse as an added bonus~

what else? Oh! I have a PSP now-!? unless.. I've said that before? meh. See what Plurk did to me/this blog? I don't know anymore...

anyway, I'd better get back on that Prof Card before Tira comes back and suddenly decided to go and check the card illustrations event thread.

3:43 AM
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