Friday, June 27, 2008

Shit, That's a First!

I just lost my cellphone... I'm guessing It popped out of my pocket at the jeep :/

And I just had the CLEANEST record of having a cellphone for 3.5 years.... *sigh*
even if I use it to tell me the time, I've quite grown attached to it really.... plus the clear croagunk was on it... *wants at least that back*

Now I have to go find that gashapon machine and pay much to get it back... or pay lots for it in greattoys in greenhills. :/

I feel sad.. maybe... dunno..... I can't contact anyone now......

8:43 PM
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Saturday, June 21, 2008

It Pours Down

The storm is chere, kind of strange considering that there were reports that there wouldn't be much rain in June this year...

Just today I was caught in it, going back home... of all the luck, it wasn't much when I was in the jeep, one Kechu and I got off, it started to get stronger.

I lost my umbrella in the past says..

and it seems I lost my voice just today :/ now I have to speak all low-tonned, like a buff grizzly "Dubber" of the Skinny Quiet guy in some Japanese animation :/

6:08 PM
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Saturday, June 14, 2008


There's this strange bird in Beato. It swoops down to attack cats that pass the side walk roughly between the first two pavilion. This morning I saw it again, strangely, there were two of them now. Also they seem to be more active in the morning.

My Second time in a Karaoke Booth :/ This time I sang D:
I was with Rina, Justine, Kechu, Carol, and surprisingly, Sir Abe (our DRFL prof last semester).

on another note, I might not be able to blog again for a while :/ school has started, and I may neglect my blog as I always do during this time of the year.

7:11 PM
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Thursday, June 12, 2008

It started!

Back to school, Finally! No more lounging around the house doing nothing, horay allowance!

Well, there are some downsides to it though, like internet curfew (pfft as if that'd change anything)

Well, My sister just came back from the US, and apparently she got herself a DS so she could play Phoenix Wright games :/

I think I have enough to buy another game in 3 weeks, but I'm still nbot sure what to buy...
EBA perhaps? But it seems Osu! Tatakae! Ouendan! is better than it's english counterpart.
Heroes of Mana? a good side here is an exchange with my sister after playing (she bought Children of Mana along with the PW games)
PW Justice for All...? That's the only one my sis didn't get...
Hmm.... I'm still having a hard time deciding.. I'll just decide when I'm at the store :/

10:41 AM
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Monday, June 09, 2008

And thus, it Starts!

So School starts tomorrow, We'll be back to the same old building doing some familiar chores along with new ones. I was totally bored since yesterday actually.. the fact that leisure time is cut shorter as time passes... So I called up the usual people and wanted to have a "Before school starts party"!

But I guess I was off in the timing, out of the 6 people that usually come, only two did, both were guys, as Junpei Iori /Persona 3/ would put it, a "sausage fest", But actually more like a DS Fes, really~

RJ, and Kechu, both with their brand dew DS lites, came and we just spent the day with some Multiplayer games (like Mario Kart). At least I got what I wanted. A worthwhile day before classes start...

Oh, I also mentioned before that I wanted to cook, right? Well, I went and made Carbonara~ But I used Elbow Macaroni... and it rather turned out to be more of Mac N Cheeze with Bacon bits and Parsley :/ (I think I put too much Parmesean Cheese).

6:45 PM
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Wednesday, June 04, 2008


I'm officially enrolled in CFAD Advertising SY 2008-09



on a side note, on my way home, a couple of old ladies thought I was a high schooler :/

With my Physique and attitude, I bet you'd mistake me for one too... that is if you haven't met me before :/

3:38 PM
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