Saturday, July 28, 2007

Field Effect : Rain Dance

Rain Dance

Description: Makes it rain..

Other Uses: Wanna get wet?

Need: It actually power ups Lightning-types... Get it if you and your friends an L-type..


Rain... It's raining.. right after a blast of heat waves.. then I'd bet it'll turn into heat again...

It's just annoying that way....

anyways, nothing is going on.. I'm just waiting to get enough money for the NDSL...

*justacouplemoreweeks* OvO

other than that.... I feel... sick...

7:21 PM
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Monday, July 23, 2007

Occult Magic: Lv. Death

Lv. Death

Description: Casts a Death spells from levels 1-9, (1 has the lowest kill rate, 9 the highest)

Other Uses: None.. unless you really want to get rid of those pests (Note:roaches are immune to magic!!)

Need: So-so...


I'm playing siRen right now... and let me tell you... "IdontlikethisgameIdontlikethisgameIdontlikethisgameIdontlikethisgameIdontlikethisgame..."
But the graphics of the human characters actually look good... well except certain points, like the lower jaw.. and the nose... but it still looks good...

I'd also want to play Silent hill.. but I just can't get a good copy... I managed to borrow Resident Evil 4, but it's not really a horror game anymore... it's more of a survival game now...

Anyways, I borrowed and Finished Suikoden III *glee*


But I'm upset about how Luc acted emo in the game.. "I'm just a vessel for the true rune" or "I will rid us of this cage" and stuff like that...

/Spoilers end/

But The Luc Ending was really nice... Maybe because I got to see more of my favorite recurring Character in the Suikoden Series...

Who else? Leknaat!!

meh, enough game talk... Movies?

Transformers - the Best this month!!
HP:OOTP - Nothing spectacular... even the ending credits were just text appearing on screen...
Simpsons Movie - Haven't watched it yet... but I don't think I plan to... because...
Hairspray - I will watch this one when it comes out!!

meh nothing new... just bored as usual...

hmm... I have an addiction to nuts of sorts... I can finish a handfull in a few seconds... a pack in a while.. a jar in 30 mins..

all sorts of nuts... peanuts, cashew, pistachio, macadamia, almond, brazilian, roney roasted.. hmmm.... yum! ooohhh... chocolate coated peanuts, hmmm Peanut butter!!

the only peanut-thing I dont like is Peanut Brittle... dunno.. it's probably too sweet for my sweet tooth..

9:49 PM
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Sunday, July 08, 2007

Misc Magic : Area Scan

Area Scan

Description: A magic that allows the caster to locate monsters, objects, allies, and passage ways nearby

Other uses: none....

Need: if you want to be stealthy, then you may need this


Well... It's official... My dad left to work in another country...
I dont know if life as I know it would function the same way it did.. but with a major piece in chess gone.. there may be slight changes...

Before I didn't think much about family.. I just went on with life and it's distractions... now, this happens... One thing's for sure... my prayers are for my dad's safety...

My dad got on his flight when I was in Arnis training... Khan wasn't there again.. I got to teach the new comer again... There was this guy that came... a foreigner... Derek, well if I heard it right.. He's a good arnisador... or whatever were called (still I dont know). and everyone went to a Picto-frenzy.. everyone taking pictures...

meh... anyways..
Shining Force EXA seems like a nice game.. If only I could play a bit more... (the copy I got hangs at the cinematic when Toma pulls out Shining Force)
Meanwhile.. I'm playing an endless cycle of Monster Rancher 4... will it ever end...? well.. if I kill all of my monsters, it would...

This one made me smile a little:

1:05 PM
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Friday, July 06, 2007

Class S Magic : Meteor


Description: A destructive spell that causes severe damage to an area by calling forth nearby space debris

Other Uses: It's too dangerous to use anywhere else

Need: Only High-level Magic-users are capable of using this spell...



I just watched Transformers (Michael Bay Film) and it's one of the few movies that made me grin in Glee and frequently wanting a screen cap for a Wallpaper/Poster

anyways, what caught my eye was the frequency of these comic book based movies to have some meteor/space junk falling into earth.. I mean Spiderman 3, Fantastic 4 Rise of the Silver Surfer, and Transformers... now I'm guessing there's a meteor(ite) in the upcoming Ironman Movie...

In other news, I managed to play Kingdom Hearts 2 properly!! last time, I had to go to a friend's house just to play it.. and he lives at least a mile away... I beat Sephiroth at Level 68!! Whee~
now I just need to get the synthesis notes, level up my moogle, finish Phil's training (1000 pts)
get to level 99 and beat the remaining paradox cups to finish with a complete Journal and get the "secret ending"...

Finished Dirge of Cerberus (aka Vincent May Cry)... I swear, that game made Yuffie look like a useless character... that's not right!!... and Red XIII only appears at the ending..
Gackt's singing.. It's okay... but that's not going into my playlist... oh, and Lucrecia is so annoying... she repeats "I'm sorry" over a thousand times (not really.. never bothered to count)

I'm halfway to my NDSL!! yay for me!!

I've been experiencing some sort of saddening emotion for the past weeks.. O`...'o It's just like last year, first semester.. I feel like I don't fit in my class... there are a lot of people that piss me off... and the ones I hang around with seem so distant now...

maybe I should consider transferring to another class....

Hmm... I had stuff going on my head that I wanted to put here.. but I forgot what it is.. Ip'll put it on paper if I remember...

That's it for now...

9:06 PM
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