Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Hapie Explodee Day~!

Let's make some noise,
Bring about the flames and make them dance in the empty night sky!

It's time to celebrate
It's time to make things- EXPLODE!

I feel destructive tonight.

7:25 PM
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Sunday, December 28, 2008

My prediction...

Was correct.

We are too old now.
No extra cash form distant relatives, unlike a dozen years ago.
Gifts Degenerate from Toys, which I really like, to Clothes and things I'll never use.
Cash degenerated from thousands to hundred...


Glad I never got my hopes up for this Holiday... Although There's something that irks me.

I've managed to slip a little information- About a Wii, PSP, and a Nikkon D40.
But alas, Date to arrive is on January. Getting giddy.... but it's too early... what if it isn't true or isn't mine :/

That would be sad.

Yes, I'm a very Materialistic Boy. Toys, Cards, Games, What else do I need?

I'd probably want to get a driver's license, and about the car? probably the household's. At least I could go places.

I'd also want to "revamp" my room to a half-breed of an Entertainment Room and a Bedroom. Soundproofed, Surround sound, PC/Mac, Console(s), HDTV.

Yeah.. I could dream :/

10:14 PM
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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Countdown.

Woke up late, I was supposed to visit Bombee in the hospital, but decided it's too late , it's 1pm.

5:30pm, took a bath, sort of dazed out in thought and slipped-

Things I hate:
Broken Glass

This would probably be my...
Third visit to the family hospital for "serious business",
fourth stitching
Nth injection
2nd time in lying down in ER.
God, I hate hospitals, and what a perfect christmas present :/

8:00, Finally got on the PC, would probably be here till later.

You've gone mad. You're not the same person I once knew and loved. stop acting like a total nitwit/jerk!!

better greet everyone a "Merry Christmas" while I'm at it.

25/ 1:55
I got a Shirt, bag (small sling-type), and a bunch o' socks.

Sigh, I just wonder what happened to the good ol' days where christmas brought me more smiles.... Like that Lego set I got.. or Titanus Megazord.. Ahh.. I remember my first Gameboy. *sigh*

7:59 PM
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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Intl Manga Awards? How about a /name/ ?

Thinking of some sort of dark and broody and definitely shrewed love story-

Here's an excerpt of one of my previous works... but I don't think it's good enough. feedback?

It was a trap- The so-called victim gladly agreed on this meeting so she could lay her trap- a trap that which sends her and a certain someone alone. as night fell, her plan went perfectly, she was brought in by who she sees as her loved one. tossing and turning on the bed, calling out to him as if sleep talking. piercing through his heart with sob stories of her past. Naming names, calling out, asking "why him". She tried her best to reach out and hopefully he would understand and take her- but alas, this man was not who she thinks.

Those words, it drove him mad- He didn't want any of this. He couldn't understand why this woman was so odd. how everything didn't seem right. This was a sort of psychological attack to him. He walks out but not entirely- he closed the door and gently opened it again. He caught her, she looked up to him and immediately pretended to sleep again.

Clever... he feels horrible, now that he feels that she played him into a trap. It actually was.

She wakes up and finds the man sitting across the room staring at her with cold eyes. An exchange of words, tears fell, and he left...

Truth is, he likes her, but with all these crazy things happening, he has his doubts.
Will they ever sort things out?


Hmm... now that I think about it... I don't quite like it :/

11:54 AM
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Monday, December 22, 2008

Holding Back : Keeping A Promise.

As yeveryone apparently knows; I'm "being linked to a certain someone". as if it were some love story, each would ask how the progress is, I'd say..... it's there, but it's not moving.

It's time to tell you something:

I'm holding back-

I've held to a promise; I'm not sure when it'd be fulfilled, but the fact is, there is someone "else".

I'm not certain to what would happen. I doubt we'd be together as I'd hoped. I want to express this, what I'm feeling right now, through words. But somehow, I can't find the right ones. I'm kind of sad now, but I'm not sure. Happy? A bit. That person contacted me again after a long while- three-four? no five- six- seven! seven months-

I'm not sure what to think, especially after that night, where things went a little haywire. Things were revealed, moods changed, and here comes a message...

I'm sticking to the promise. I can't just break it. I've held to it for years, three apparently, and I'm not letting go. You can wait all you want, but for as long as you don't do anything, nothing will happen. I'm trying my best to pursue this, and so should /you/! Waiting won't solve anything! You've got to act... you've got to act...

Which is why... I'll be moving on. I'll make this promise come to reality, nothing should stop me, if there was something there'd definitely a detour.

I'm talking to that person right now... Happy for keeping contacts, sad for realizing I've wasted time, hopeful, and scared.

A private conversation, I'd like to keep forever. Exchanging words- meant for only each other, and no one else should know.

1:56 AM
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Saturday, December 20, 2008

Right on time.

For a moment there, I've forgotten it's christmas season, and like always, someone's extra bitchy this season, just like the previous ones that usually leads to me loathing /almost/ everyone on this goddamned holiday.

7:11 PM
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I heard christmas is going to be good this year...

But I'm not getting my hopes up. It'll be too terrible if I did and it turned out so horrible, so I'll keep part of that happiness, and the rest, I could just leave it in a box and open it if christmas was good.

So far, I've been to 4 christmas parties and 4 gifts from them. 2AD4 christmas party with sir Nacario, Got a bar of Crunch from khris kringle as well as 2 uno plates from Sir Nacario. 3AD2 christmas party; Ma'am Gigi's blowout. I got Gashapon stuffs from Xian there. Thank you Xian :D (I broke my previous stylus, how'd you know? :D ). Paskuhan and Macci's after-paskuhan-party I got a DS case from Pilar. Thanks :D.

which reminds me... I haven't gone shopping for our yearly christmas get-together with Marina, Rj, and the usual people. D: Hmm..... I'm going to Artoo's tomorrow, so.... I'd best pass by SM to buy gifts.

I'm not getting my hopes up though, I heard a wonderful song from a bird, but I refuse to believe it right now. I'll wait, if it comes true, then I can jump for joy.

leche ka. binadtrip mo lang ako.

5:36 PM
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Sunday, December 14, 2008

I don't understand

I can't understand why you could not comprehend what I'm saying most of the time. It's like I'm saying something and it's quite obvious with what I'm referring to, and yet you'll go and misunderstand it in so many different ways. I mean, The sentence was well constructed, the words a re chosen to fit, the idea is there, but you still don't get it.

Are you sure you were paying attention?

Oddly it's also the case in written format.

1:27 AM
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Saturday, December 13, 2008

Welcome to McDonladland~!

Honestly, I can't think of anything to blog from the past week. Possibly because I'm stuck playing EssenceRO. :/

Kechu and I were talking about McDonalds Happymeals just earlier. How awesome those trinkets were in the 90's and how not-so-appealing they are now. We've mentioned a whole bunch of old Happymeals, including the snoopy, 101 Dalmatians collections, Disney specials, Mattel's older Barbie and hotwheels mini sets, older Pokemon merchandise, and the most awesome Happymeal ever, The Mcdonalds themed happymeals. I guess this happened because we both have those current cinnamonroll happymeals, and that we saw the Grimace and Birdie Mascots at McDonalds Retiro. So what was Grimmace anyway? they say he's supposed to be thascot for Milkshakes, but he's purple :/

We also talked about the old McDonalds, like the awesome play area. I still remember those spring horses. Also, does anyone remember Mayor McCheese, and Officer BigMac?
And because of that I went and wiki'd McDonald's. We all know Ronald, Birdie, Grimmace, Hamburglar (who now seems to be buddy-buddy with ronald unlike before where he's sneeking some burgers away) The HappyMeal Gang (the drink, fries, and cheeseburger with eyes). The Fry Kids are there, just not a lot know them. There are a couple I've never heard of like Captain Crook, Iam Hungry, CosMC and Uncle O'Grimmacey. Honestly, I haven't seen or heard of the McNugget Buddies.

After reading the Wiki page, I've finally understood what Grimmace is!! :D

He's an EVIL PURPLE TASTEBUD with FOUR ARMS!! He comes by and steals McMilkShakes, but Ronald somehow made friends with him, he dropped his other two arms and is now good, thus the whole relationship with Milkshakes. :D

8:01 PM
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