Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Brawl is Awsome

Do iI have to repeat what other reviews have said? no.... but if you don't know what Super Smash Brothers is... (poor you) I'd have to say... It's the best Versus Game Released for the Console Since EVER!!

nuff said...

sow= why am I even babbling about a Wii game, but I don't even have a Wii?
One answer to that... RJ has one! >:3

So I went to his place to leech off his Wii, we played SSBB, Sub Space Emissary,he hasn't finished it yet, but then again, now he has, with my help of course!

After finally defeating Tabuu We finally went Versus Mode. It was the most addicting thing ever D: The 2 minuite Brawl didn't give enough experience, but it is great "Pressure". Too bad that Smash Ball only appeared a couple of times in 2 minuites... so we uped the stakes, High chance for all Items, and a 10 minuite Brawl!! It was Awesome!! >:D

From all the characters I liked: Meta Knight, Lucario, Zelda, Sonic... My top has to be Zelda! XD

On another note... I went to RJ's place right? well, I slept at 4AM that morning and woke up arround 11:30... Playing the Wii would Drain my stamina, and hopefully would return myself to a normal Biological Clock... As I went home, I felt really tired, it was around 8:30 I guess... Then I fell asleep... now, why am I posting this at 2 AM?

Well, something woke me up... My insomnia did... It really doesn't like me sleeping at all, does it?I woke around 12:30, and couldn't go back to sleep... so I thought... why not write something in my blog? So I did... :/

1:06 AM
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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

So, here we go!

Another year has passed by, I've only contributed little to this Blog. I don't know if it'll happen again, as I keep telling myself every year I'd be more active.

And yes, you may have noticed, A new Layout! It always means that the day I created my Blog is drawing near.. Who, and it seems that my Blog is now, 4 years old this 1st of may! And 11 days after that is my Birthday! so send me your gifts!! >:D

12:43 AM
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Monday, April 28, 2008


Be it family, friends, acquaintances, or what not, one thing Changes it's Meaning.

That thing is "LOVE".

Love, to some, is a blessing of life, while others find it as a curse that foretells disaster.

Now... why am I telling you all this? Especially that I am the kind of guy who'd pick video games over some girl.

Well... I've mentioned it here. I've talked about this "special person" before, and now I'm talking about the same person here.

Some people are busy these days, especially the people in that person's school. Though it's summer, they still have homework and reports, and it's not summer school, but some strange study-program. It makes me think... is UPIS really different than SCQC, the high school I attended? We have our differences, I'm happy-go-lucky, while that person is more studious and hardworking.

I thought I'd forgotten those sad days. I've lived for the better with great friends by my side, while that person is busy with school. I had thought we were just friends after what happened....

But I was wrong...

That person called me up just recently, I was surprised! We talked, tried to catch up to each other... and then it happened...

It's been more than half a year, ever since that fleeting moment... I suddenly remembered it all, remembered what happened. Those days I've counted while being alone, Those minutes or remembering that person's face, the seconds of wanting, sharing, dreaming of such a life!


The line between friend, lover, or whatever it is between us, is blurred...

Those words I've read, the sounds I've heard, Visions imagined...
I can't be. It shouldn't! Why must this happen!?

I know what I heard, And to that thought, my heart rushed, I swooned, I felt my body melting. That short scene, that voice of pleasure enchanted me.

I tried replying with the same gesture, but before I could say anything- "You're breathing heavily..." These words came out from the other line. After a few silent and awkward moments, we were back to telling out life stories. Soon after that, that person had to go to bed, considering it was 2AM.

I was Happy, but it'll never work out, I thought. Aside from the known fact that that person is busy with studies, that person is going back to school this year as a senior in high school, while I'm in my third year of college. Another is that we live apart, I still don't know where that person lives. No, don't be mistaken. We've met lots of times in Events and such.

This is probably one of the main reasons why I sink into my own world drowning myself with unnecessary information of video games, anime, manga, and Pokemon.

As night crawls in, Everyone goes back to sleep... I remain awake, stricken once again by Summer Insomnia, I stay alone to myself thinking of the events of that night... my Heart rushes one again to that memory... then I remember the sadness, the pain, and all that. Now I hate night more than ever...

Mornings are different... I woke up this morning, the lights are off but the sun shinning filled it's pace. On the glass of my display cabinet, I saw my reflection... I was Smiling... Holding my pillow tight. That must have been some dream. I can't recall what happened in it though. I was definitely Happy, by Chance it was pure Bliss. It felt Serene...

I know that there will be a time, we'll be together... even if it'll never work out....

1:41 AM
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I got Tagged?

Tagged by Weena

1.Each blogger starts with ten random facts/habits about themselves.
2. Bloggers that are tagged need to write their ownblog about their ten things and post these rules.
3. At the end of your blog, you need to choose ten people to get tagged and list their names.
4. Don't forget to leave them a comment telling them they're tagged, or to read your blog.

10 random facts/habits about Myself:

1. Though I hate Ghosts and is Creeped out easily by Bugs, I Love Ghost and Bug Type Pokemon
2. I Have over 500 Original Characters
3. Not Once have I finished an Original Story
4. I do not like making comics Though I join Original Character Comic Contests in DA
5. I get insomnia in the summer
6. I have lighter skin tone than anyone thinks... it's just that I was badly tanned when I was a kid :/
7. I don't like "auto-emoticons", I use the ACSII versions instead
8. I hate naughty children :/
9. I prefer to use the English language, but I usually mess up pronunciation and/or spelling
10. I sometimes talk in Faux-Japanese/Japanese-sounding-Jibberish


Umm... I have no one to tag since I don't know any others other than who Rina/Khan/Macci already tagged :/

1:24 AM
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Thursday, April 24, 2008


My sister is weak :/

She's finally out of the net-ban just after 3 days :/

In an arguement waaay before I asked if She'd die without the internet, she replied that she would..

Internet addiction, She lives off nothing else.
She can't live without the Internet, She cracked and went and got the net...
She didn't even last a week.

Pitiful Human...

My Grandmother is also weak... Giving in to "sorry's" and "Never going to do that again's". Ha! as if, This is the second time such incident occured... Coming Home the next Dawn, not contacting people at home... HA! The second time!! Who knows, there's a big possibility there's a Third!

We all have our weakness... Boredom is not mine... Frankly, Take my DS away, I'd be scribbling down in a piece of paper. ...

11:41 AM
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Saturday, April 19, 2008

I Await Your Arrival....

So I've heard that My dad got me a couple of DS games from Dubai and are sending it soon... But I'm guessing they won't be here till my Birthday :/

Anyway, I've already celebrated my "getting Wifi-ed"

But I only have Pokemon as of now... :/ I wonder what other games That can utilize the Wifi...?

*checks for games*

In other news............
I've been really active in DA lately, Blog secondary, and least in the list is my Multiply :/

and on other news...

Uhhh..... *waiting for friends to go online with theire Pokemon/DS so i can trade/Battle them :/*


I'll be back with better blog enties D:
Btw, Any review of anything will be done in my multiply. Kaytnxbbye

9:08 PM
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Friday, April 18, 2008

It Has Returned!!

Oh, god... I can't sleep again..... my insomnia is returning, growing deeper into dawn every midnight... and it only means one thing.....

Summer Vacation....

Sometimes I really hate it when I'm the only one up, at night and there's no one there. Especially just after watching/playing horror film/game :/

Then again.. It has it's benefits...

On another side... I've just recently got into "specialized /EV/ Training" my pokemon and boy! breeding sure is a pain!

I can't reveal my whole team but I'll just show a couple...



I'm still looking into my possibility of getting wi-fied... if that happens soon, I'll be playing online, competitive battles, a lot. Not to mention the possibilities when I get other DS games... and a Wii!! :3

1:17 AM
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Thursday, April 17, 2008

On a roll!??

No, but I just forgot to mention this... but better post in a new post :/

I'm currently looking for a good way to get my place wified and I'm thinking of purchasing a wi-fi USB but I'm not entirely sure how much one is.... any good suggestions?

BTW I am addicted to Go-Ongers right now, And I finally found the perfect henshin device for me!!! The Shift Changer!! which Go-On Green and Go-On Black are using to transform!!

One more thing... The MANTAN GUN IS THE COOLEST WEAPON I'VE EVER SEEN!! AND I WANT ONE!!! No, not the toy, A custom made mantan gun!! which in rod mode can extend to less than 1 meter. The toy on the other hand is extends to less than 12 inches. :/

12:02 AM
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Wednesday, April 16, 2008


I never was online most of the day... I like playing my video games, and probably would go online just to check up on games and stuff


Plus there's my sister.... She's on most of the day/night, You could say she's an "Internet Hog"


And I'm just here trying to revive this place... because it'd be such a waste of internet data :/

11:37 PM
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