Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Blue Magic : Roulette Lv.1

Roulette Lv.1

Description: Casts a Random Magic spell Learned by the Caster to a random Target (friend or Foe)

Other uses: Too dangerous to try...

Need: Low.. very low....


I haven't eaten Soft ice cream all summer vacation... Now That I have, it's the rainy season... O...O

anyway... Still trying to adjust to the super-spacious Schedule I have... and At least my art is improving...

I just recently tried to study the foot... and yeah.. moving on to the female anatomy...

Arnise training as usual... I got to polish my kicks, and my left arm...
and surprisingly, I had to Instruct a fellow rookie last saturday... O...o

Probably because I've been training for at least 2 months now... (since the last saturday of april '07)

The foot is such an akward thing to draw...

Aside from practicing the torso, I'm also trying out weird POV's and poses... hmm.. for what?

I finally know where Honjitsu wa Seiten Nari is in V2!!

and I finally Understand a fraction of KoF's Storyline OvO

anyways... If My prediction says I'm getting an NDSL in August.. My calculations Say It's on September... Of course my original estimate was on November... so I'd expect it on October!! XD

12:03 AM
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Friday, June 22, 2007

S/T Magic : Teleport


Description: Transports target to an area nearby. Distance and accuracy depends on the magic level of the caster

Other uses: You could teleport a boulder nearby above your foes, instead of using telekenesis.

Need: Medium, it's great to go places instantaniously, but a problem is teleporting to a place where someone else teleported to.. results would vary... you'd merge and soon die, some researchers thinks.


My schedule makes me bored as hell OAO

Maybe because I've already adjusted to the almost-every-day-of-the-week kind of schedule... now I have two consecutive days off.. and it's driving me nuts X...x

Not only that, but the people in my class seems... "distant" this year...
Meh... fine.. If I feel like it, you'd find me in AD2 next semester XP


Been bored to hell, probably because I don't have anymore games to play on my PS2.... Maybe I should buy some more... or better yet borrow some...

I predict I'd have MY NDSL by August...

Why NDSL? because I dont know anyone (aside from PKMNph-ers) that has a DS.... well, there's Sean... but who else? everyone wants a PSP...

The only problem I would see when using a DS... is that everyone else has a PSP... I can't link-play/game-share O...O

but at least I'd play Elite Beat Agents, or Phoenix Right X9

4:18 PM
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Sunday, June 17, 2007

Status Magic : Reflect


Description: Creates a barrier around target that makes any magic bounce to a nearby object/person. Unlike Magic Counter, Magic bounces off you

Other uses: when tweaked a little, it crates a barrier that is similar to a mirror

Needs: Against Magic users, high, There are items and accessories that disregard this status effect.


Well, I've finished Megaman X Command Mission... and I have one thing to say...


story wise, it's cute but you know what's coming...

The only thing that makes me smile in the game is that you can collect the OST, Cinematic, Concept art, 3D Figures in the game!! How cool is that!! XD


anyway, School has finally started, and frankly, I find my schedule too windy, than the breeze that I expected.... I mean, I have two days to do nothing O....o heh, just like High school? nope... it's on a Thursday and a Friday... So... it's kind of weird...

I have nothing to do.. So I'll be making art of some of my characters in my character list... wanna see..? Character List

anyways... I have no more games to play.... unless someone wants to lend me some of their games XD

and yes, I'm almost halfway through my quest for an NDSL!!

.... that's it.. I guess...

4:36 PM
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Monday, June 11, 2007

Passive Skill: Magic Counter

Magic Counter

Description: When hit by any magic spell, The person hit will cast the same spell at the previous caster. The spell used, unlike the Blue Mage (who learns special skills and magic by being hit by it and survives), is not learned.

Other Users: Any Job Class may learn Magic counter to prevent magic attacks, but there are cretain Items and Accessories that penetrates through such defenses.

Need: Against, low level mages, yes... expert mages would be likely to have special Accessories to boost and penetrate...

Got the internet back.. but my sister is in it most of the day..

Anyway, School's about to start in a day... *Sigh* but Atleast I manage to finish a couple of games... but one thing I noticed... to of the games I played are quite similar.... anyway, Ill be reviewing some of the games I played this summer...


It's a graphically beautiful game! game play is nice.. and I just love the soundtrack!!
anyway, fights are kind of okay.. nothing special... the field is limited when fighting lesser demons, the boss battles are kind of repetitive.. they don't change attack patterns and you know what to do.. only that their life is waaay too long.... But I do Like Kyubi's designs... He can counter your celestial brush with his tail!! the part near to the finall boss is so tipical of Capcom... you'd fight the previous bosses hahaha!! it's Megaman all over again XP (It's the same with Devil May Cry.. but I wont bother reviewing it)

It's a good game... actually... I'd give it 3.5/5

Final Fantasy XII

Well, Story wise.. It's a great game! (except for the ending which was "meh" to "okay-ish")
Gameplay wise.... It feels like an MMO -A-;; and I dont like MMO's much....
System wise... Leveling up takes a very long time.. gambits take you to a whole new Automatic Level and the License system is absurd... who needs license to wear armor!??
Graphics wise... the full rendered cinematics are cool but I like the in-game cimematics as well.. but I guess that's the only thing great about this game..
Music... It's okay... not very noticeable...so.. yeah..
FinalFantasy-ness.... It's a bit off.... While playing it it looks more of a Medieval version of Star Wars instead of a good Final Fantasy Title...
Side quests... what bothers me is that the hunts don,t expire.. or someone else does the hunt.. it's just you, you and you...
Mini Games.. the only mini game I saw was the fishing mini game...

overall... meh... 2.75/5

Final Fantasy X International

It's a nice title.. the Sphere grid is kind of messy.. It's like the License grid, only it much more limited.. and without the weapon/armor/accessory limit...
minigames are nice.. but getting the sigils are Very Hard, i mean, 200 Lightning Bolts!?? 0.00 record in Chocobo race?? BLITZBALL!!?? TAT it's so frustrating I almost destroyed my PS2...

Dark Aeons are a lot difficult.. especially Since I wanted to get The Magus sisters, but I'd have to get Anima, But I have to finish Macalania Temple, but Dark Shiva is in the way, So I try to level them up, But I need my Aeons, So i need to get Magus sisters, but I need Anima, But.. *cycle continues*

Anyway, The wapon customization is okay.. but it's the lack of items that gets to you... you'd bribe this monster N times to get enough.. and Yojimbo is a waste of money!! ... but then again I got Zanmato a couple of times by just giving hin 1 gil!! XD

Finally! I understand the story!! (I played X-2 first XP I didn't have a copy of X that time)

Over all.. 3/5 It's a good game.. but not really worth the effort to get the extra stuff...

Megaman X Command Mission

Okay, now this is where the spell kicks in (see title) It's all so weird... I played this after Playing FFX and I felt so at home... well, except for the game menu (o) and dash/cancel (/\)

anyways, First off, in the battle screen, you'd see the character s on the lower left, it's turn based, just like FFX, it is shown on the lower right... you can switch characters (if you have 4 or more) with the L2, just like the character switch in FFX!!

okay, advancing in the gameplay, there's the action trigger, which is like "overdrives, only you can use them more frequently.. what got to me was the similarity as well...
X - Press (X) until you get to maximum levels... but if you look at the earlier trial vids (gamespot) it's similar to Tidus' overdrive!!
Marino, Slot machine!! Wakka anyone??
Cinnamon, rotate the Right analog stick, Lulu?? but she heals instead of casting magics...

Elements, it's basic trio.. Fire water and elec.. but the strange thing is they all it fire, blizzard and thunder... FF?? O..o

either way you look at it, it's just like FF X O..o

So.. there's a possibility that Capcom is Copying SE.. but hey, there's only one MMCM.. they might not make another...

I haven't finished it but the Soundtrack I love, The sketches I love, the Figures I love, gameplay is okay.. story.. predictable... ending .. I dont know yet.. but I'm giving it a 4 'coz I'm a megaman fan XP call me Biased but hey....



so That's it I guess... O...o Nothing much happened other than me.. in my room playing all those games ... need to get out more often...

4:24 PM
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Sunday, June 03, 2007

Time Magic : Slow


Description: A time spell that slows down the movement of the target, thus delaying his actions.

Other Uses: not much... unless you want to slow down pests so you could land a hammer fall on them....

Need: for quick foes... Recommended.. very usefull but some foes counter by casting "haste" on themselves...


Anyways... I'm currently on dial up... I came home one day, and the modem was confiscated by my grand ma... probably something my sister did....

anyway.. dial up is super slow to me... well, since I've already adjusted to the speed of DSL... it is.. But I remember at one point.. where we were in daial up.. i'ts the fastestinternet connection ever... I usually check out digimon stuffs... I remember seeing the Tamer's website.. but it was still o2 here... *sigh*

off topic...

Enrolment was bitch.... yeah... there wasn't a system for irregulars/ those with incomplete schedule... every one stands infront of the office.. some got theire encoded right after giving their forms.. others took a while....

yeah.. back to topic.... it means I can't go on you tube for a while... even Gaiaonline...

oh, yeah... Dissidia : Final Fantasy is out late this year in japan XP
Dissidia, according to news and forums, is Square-enix's attempt to make, yet another, fighting game (Erghis anyone?) anyway, this fighting game features characters from previous FF games.. namely, Warrior of Light and Garland from FFI, Zidane and Kuja from FFIX... uhh.. they're the only ones confirmed as of now....

I'd love to see Terra (FFVI) XD... news is that theyre taking in characters from 10 games... 1-9 is confirmed... but for the tenth, it could be FFT, FFX or , yet I highly doubt, FFXII... *sigh* I want my Doctor Cidolfas Bunansa -A-;;

now, now.. dont go ranting that theyre making yet another FF game even though theyre already on XIII, XIII versus, XIII agito, FF remakes, FFTA2, and such... the reason for this is for Final Fantasy's 20th anniversary this December.. 12-18-1987/12-18-2007 to be exact....

if you want to check out the site : Dissidia : Final Fantasy

4:42 PM
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