Wednesday, August 29, 2007

??? Spell : Goblin Panacea

Goblin Panacea

Description: Iss Good, Yah!

Other uses: Plenty of Usezz!!

Need: Must have Moar!!

Effect: my metabolism seem to have increased...
Cause: Ulcer...?

Effect: Mood Swings Occur Much More often than usual...
Cause: Insanity??

Effect: Strange Pain on chest
Cause:.... Heart Problems..?

Effect: Me wanting to cry really hard...
Cause.. Depression..?

Effect: All of these happening at the same time....
Cause: LOVE!!!

O...o WTF!? I'm in love!!? Nowai!! You must be kidding!!

well.. I'm not sure if it's love.. but that painful longing for someone... that one that torments you when you can't speak or see that person at that time.. that sudden depression to the thought you are not with that person..

TAT I told myself I wouldn't be treading this jungle.. but look at me.. I can't.... I feel like..

My Heart is lost, My soul has withered, My Body Crumbles, My Mind is Blank...

I'm breaking down inside............


PS. Never trust Goblins....

10:27 PM
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Monday, August 27, 2007

Status Magic : Dampen Magic

Dampen Magic

Description: Temporarily Makes target forget certain spells.

Other Uses: None.. unless used in some prank..

Need: Against other Mages, Mid..


Last Saturday.. Nothing much happened... There was a Robotics event at Shang... I was surprised.. Anjo was there.. Ugh... I can't believe I'm not used to standing around with my bag for half a day... I blame playing video games lying down in my room..

.. Last night.. I had a lot of things I wanted to say/write here... But my sister was using the net late at night.. I couldn't... so I went to bed.. now I lost that certain "mood" to do so...

10:13 AM
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Friday, August 24, 2007

Curative Spell : Clear Vision

Clear Vision

Description: This spell fixes one's vision back to normal when one 's vision is somehow.. "blocked". Sometimes the effects are even better, making you see everything clearly for more critical attacks

Other Uses: No, it does not cure blind people!

Need: Low.. somehow people would rather the more expensive yet more effective "panacea" spell...


Opening Note:
I have glasses now... I'm near sighted an I need them when I'm out or at the back of the class... or when I'm using the PC... It has UV layering.. (whatever they call it)

anyway, nothing much is going on...

Radiata stories~ I just love the game for it's sheer number of Characters and Personas~ XD not to mention the "Recruitment Suit" for Jack XD

... Playing Silmeria right now.. and, wow.. the dificulty level is quite high....

1:57 PM
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Saturday, August 11, 2007

Song Magic : Life Refresh

Life Refresh

Description: A song magic that creates a healing area; It is a song that relaxes the soul and soothes the body!

Other Uses: take your time and relax.. but make sure the singer gets some rest too...

Need: Every Songstress/Singer needs one!


well, I'm into Musicals now XP
got myself copies of "Wicked", "Sound of Music", "Rhapsody A Musical Adventure", "RENT", and "What Really Happened to Joseph" (though I prefer Technicolor Dreamcoat)..

I'm also Playing Ar Tonelico (songs Galore!)

I also manage to get all my mp3's form my "supposed-to-be-broken" Hard Drive!! (yay!)
I thought I'd never hear Jounetsu Setsuna (Abe Asami, Kimi wo Tsureteiku (Abe Asami), and Yeah! (Hinoi Team).. *phew*

in other news..
Everytime in my class AD6, I feel out of place... something inside me that's troubling me.. but it's driving me crazy (although I already am)!!
The "anime Girls" are kind of close to me.. but they're mostly in their own world.. they dont notice me..
the "assholes" ... are themselves... (noisy and annoying as usual)
the "high class" are good relief at times... but that relief is quite rare and random....
my "Aquaintances" are not like my usual friends (in another class).. theyre.. too quiet.. I can't stand it if there's no one telling me stories...

It's not like I'm being ignored.. (because I usually am)
I dont like it there anymore.... I want to go away.. away from them..
"What is this feeling? Fervid as a flame, Does it have a name...? Yes....
Loathing.. Unadulterated Loathing!"
*plays "What is this Feeling - Wicked" over and over*

8:00 PM
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