Sunday, September 28, 2008

Deadline's Tomorrow D:

Sundays is equal to No-sleep-night especially if there's a heavy project for Adprac

Let's review the people's Stat Messages in YM! today, Shall we? :D
Arranged from Tame to Extreme XD

Gel: Busy... Buzz lang pag important.

Louie: Hindi ako nananakit ng manggugulo. :D

Jihan: Busy. Walang eepal. Ang eepal pangit.

Keith: Busy, Ang mangulo lilibre ako sa Mcdo bukas.

Teta: Busy. Ang manggugulo may kulangot at tae sa pwet.


Marina: Busy. Mangugulo papahalikan ko ke patatas bukas.

Nigel: AdPrac, Manggugulo bibilhan ako ng PSP + PS3. :D

Nica: Busy. Manggulo sasapakin ko bukas.

Macci: Nambabaril ng nanggugulo.

Justine: Mang-istorbo kung importante. Kung hindi, ILALABAS KO BITUKA MO!

Khan: Busy, Manggulo, lalabasin ni Justin unf bituka mo, papainumin ni Marina ng
poster paint, babarilin ni Macci, tapos lilibre si Keith, lalaslasin ni Earl leeg mo, tapos sisipain kita. At pangit ka pa, ayon kay Jihan. at may tae at kulangot sa pwet.

9:10 PM
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Saturday, September 27, 2008

From Bad to Good

Saturday again, and guess who woke up in the wrong side of the bed today :/

Same person as last week. Kept storming off without a word, but we were supposed to do our photography... I didn't want to use my FM10 anymore.. it just brings me one disappointment after another. Not to mention the mirror/sensor kept jamming up, even with fresh batteries.

Anyway, we went to Trinoma to do photog stuff. I guess things turned up for the better there, The jeep rise there held awkward silence. He's too pissed to talk, and I was kinda angry at him.

What else did we do in Trinoma? the usual, T6. Luckily we had leftover load from the previous visit three months ago. That made his day, I guess. We had our lunch-snack at Yellow Cab Pizza... he treated me. 8D

Oh, before we went to eat, we passed by Toy Kingdom and looked at stuff. Then suddenly power went out! First time that happened to me. workers running around, shouting their departments: "Pokemon!!" "Gunpla!" "Lego!" "Disney!". I asked him if we were supposed to evacuate and we slowly walked for the door... *Krrrch!* the metal doors slid down, trapping shoppers and workers alike.. WERE TRAPPED! I called dibs on the fire extinguisher.

Too bad it was just an ordinary black out, and that it was just standard procedure (closing the entrance/exits to prevent item theft). And I so wanted zombie-people-things to suddenly pop out, and bash them with a fire extinguisher. :/

Oh, well...

We continued to my place to do the rest of the photog stuff. We'll be doing adprac tomorrow.

On another story:

Is it finally over? Was the final choice been taken? Or will it happen again?

9:14 PM
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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Three Days.

This is a Looooooooooong post... You might want to get a pint of Ice Cream while you're at it.

I didn't want to work.. Apathy Syndrome is still biting...

So I went to Megamall to Celebrate Khan's Birthday with Jake and Benji.
Strange thing was, I left UST an hour after Khan did, but I was first at Timezone in Megamall. Well, we tried the party pack, but that just failes as "yellow swipe" games are the only ones eligible for that 1-hour-play-all-you-can promo... No tekken 6 ;3;
Benji and I got hooked on that Lord of the Rings Pinball though.
So we decided to go to Shang and cool off with coke.
After that we went to PowerStation only to find out Guitar Freaks V2 was rented. That explained why It wasn't there when I watched The Dark Knight, and it reappeared when I watched Wall-E. After a few games we had another bottle of coke.

Saturday (here's the long part, filled with rants):

I woke up, still tired. My legs were throbbing; hurting. Both legs, and guess what? Turns out two people pissed me off that day.

Firstly... *ahem*

You don't read my blog, but for the sake of getting it off my chest...

Why did you shut yourself from us like that!? We were all in the same mess!! We had to work with such circumstances, but that doesn't mean you could just not act like you care about everyone else. We all have our issues, and that's why were here. Your friends can help you, but nooo.... you didn't ask for help, instead you just locked yourself away.

Secondly.... *cough cough*

I know you read my Blog, but I just have to let it out. It's my blog and I can say what I want!

WHY THE HELL ARE YOU TELLING ME NOT TO BE CONCERNED!!? Youre my friend, and you seemed down. And what did you tell me?? I shouldn't be concerned!? That sounded like you didn't want me to care at all. Look, If I didn't want to care about you, then I wouldn't be your friend. I wouldn't even try to see you. Heck! I wouldn't even talk to you! If you go on prattling about that you don't want to get close, because you're scared of me getting hurt, then why bother being my friend? why bother talking to me? why bother at all?? If I'm not a friend, then what am I to you? Certainly it's not lover, it's the opposite road.

well... after that shit, I went with Xian and the others to His place for his, and Khan's birthday celebration. I thought Ken and Xian were joking about the spaghetti and Chicken thing, but it was true. Oh, the chicken was great, quite crispy. and the diced pickles on the spaghetti was a nice touch. Haaa... I drank my woes away... not to mention the Magic Sing.. I sang at least two songs. I think I got tipsy after five shots of Emperador Brandy :/ I also had 2 cans... no three cans of Infinit'. The shots game me a spin, so I didn't have any beer. Just to make sure.

I had to leave early because no one knew where I was exactly, and that I has plans the next day. When I got home, I realized I could have planned it better. I could have told them on Wednesday, Packed extra shirts and stuff, Brought my extra money, satyed at Xian's place over night, and head to Artoo's place the next day (since it was relatively close by). That sounds a lot better than that P130 bill I paid the taxi When I went home from Xian's place... I'm never trusting Taxi's again... Excluding Pool-Taxi's (FX).


Session at Artoo's. My sister went and bought pasta at Red Ribbon's in Megamall. I checked out the Gashapon machines in Toy Kingdom, and wow.. they have a lot. But despite that, They didn't have the one I wanted. A DS Stylus. I broke mine four days ago. Anyway, The usual people came, but with new people! Creole and Biboy will be with us from now on, Jake came for the sake of comming. We were celebrating Khan's birthday (wow! for the third time! :'D ).

Khan got a DSLR ;3; I'm still stuck with my SLR, which I have seem to have ceased to use.... Film, printing is too expensive, seems to chew on battery life, I ALWAYS get blurry shots... I need a tripod D:

Anyway, We finally continues the Call of Cthulthu Campaign. I managed to kill off three people XD. and we just quit after that. Since Creole and Biboy will be joining, and CoC seemed off... we decided on doing Star Wars next meeting.

We played LIFE after that. It was a fun game. with all the side comments and stuff.

Well, It's been a fun week end.

Now I have to go back and do my work :/

11:08 PM
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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Apathy Syndrome

When Spring comes, a lot of people slump up indoors due to laziness and procrastination.

Though it is not spring, my body somehow has yielded to such situation.
I feel as though my body is heavy. I get tired quite quickly, and refuse to do work.

Sometimes I just stare at something... Like the moon tonight.

It's perfectly round, brighter than it was supposed to. I just want to stare at it all night, not doing a thing about anything... Just sit there, and stare at it's magnificence, not doing anything, not thinking of anything, like at any moment, I'd be whisked; spirited away... brought to another dimension... where perhaps... all my wished, and dreams come true.

Take me away.

11:38 PM
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Friday, September 12, 2008

Needs Money

Well... Pokemon Platinum has been released in japan, and we all know what that means.... US release will be comming next year. Not to mention Pokemon Ranger.

If I want those games. I'd have to earn money again... that means I have to stop hanging around Ken for a while D:

I might go and spend 100 a day because of a 4-hour PC rent just to play random games :/

Oh, and I returned RJ'S PSP last Tuesday... That could only mean one thing... Trial Period is over D:

Time to go and actually buy one XD

I think I'd rather get the PSP Phat and not the light...

So tallying up the money.... PSP estimates around 10k, Pokemon games for 2K each... rounding off with travel and necessity costs.... I'd need to earn 15k by December/January...

Calculating weeks till January....

16 weeks. I earn 500 each, that makes... 8000 adding additional variables (Christmas/Reunion Cash) ... roughly around 9k.

God, That means I have a choice between DS games or a PSP.... unless I find someone selling a second-hand PSP for around 5K, that way, I'd have room for one DS Game XD

Oh, you were listening? I- I didn't see you there :/

11:58 AM
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Sunday, September 07, 2008

Table Play Day 2

Day three of the Table top RPG at Artoo's. Yes day three, and no, the title isn't wrong. It's day two because me and my sister wasn't there last week so Artoo and Khan ended up plotting more of the CoC campaign.

Anyway, we spent the day with making character sheets for a Star Wars Campaign. It's pretty much the same, since were using d20 rules again, the only difference is the optional stuff, like class, race, feats, equipment and stuff.

I think they had an "American Theme" today. We had Pizza for lunch and Burgers for dinner, and of course Salad was still present.

So I ended up with cleaning duty with Sean because Khan needed to leave early.

Well, nothing much happened today other than making newcharacter sheets.

10:45 PM
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Friday, September 05, 2008

Soul Summon!!

So I went and did a Super Sentai Marathon... well not actually a marathon, but more of a 1 1/2 hour special.

I watched Magiranger vs Dekaranger, Boukenger Movie, and Boukenger vs Super Sentai.

There were really funny parts, and guess what! My Super Sentai fandom is on again!!
Is that even a good thing?

The cool thing was, thewe was a Boukenger and Kamen Rider Kabuto Commercials between movies XD

Hmm... this mini marathon just made me want to download or buy the all episodes of 25th to the current With exceptions to Go-onger, which I'm currently downloading, and Magiranger, which I've already downloaded that and watched, though I'm not sure if I were able to save it. It might be in one of my hard drives.

Oh!!! And, and, and, and!!

And I want to finally go and buy the Harriken Gyro. That is... IF I find one ;3;

Help me find and buy it? anyone?? Puh-leeezzzz???

11:18 PM
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Thursday, September 04, 2008

Tape everything, Pablo! For fuck's sake!


One of the more typical viral outbreak-zombie movies. The only difference is that this has a more "in-depth" feel.

God, that was a wonder full movie.. though I might be scared for a couple of nights.

Run Angela, RUUUN!!!

There were a couple that made me jump, I moved only an inch from my original seat because I was wearing headphones. I can't back off anymore, the cable's too short... and I'd have my back directly on the window... D:

There were only two scenes that made me scream... well more like yelp.

Though one of those scenes, I saw it coming miles away... but I still yelped. It's probably because of how loud the crashing noise was.

Honestly, There were some parts where I kept whispering "¡Pablo, las luces!"

god.. I think I might not sleep tonight...


One scene where the movie got my attention... The "dark secret".



Go watch [REC]

even though it's Spanish, I'm sure you'll find one with subtitles.

12:43 AM
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