Sunday, August 31, 2008

I miss you...

Last night during the party at a certain point, where everything seemed to have slowed down, I lied down, looked into the sky, closed my eyes.

(No. Please, don't interrupt.. It's not about that. Read on, I beg you.)

As I opened my eyes, I was captivated by what I saw. Really, I was. The night settled the tone, the smoke from cigarettes made a mysterious aura, the lights from the garden lit up my subject reasonably. the chair went well with that scene.

I wish I could have taken a picture. I wanted to. But I was afraid if I went to get my cam and returned, it would have changed. I stared on trying to burn it into my mind. I can vaguely recall it. That was my regret. I wanted to take a picture of you, but I guess I was awed by the sheer beauty/awesomeness of that scene, I didn't want to move.

That was my only regret. Not being able to keep that image. I'd go and try and sketch it, but trying to recall something so hard, my memory might lie to me and add/remove things that were/weren't there.

I'll never see it again...

8:05 PM
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Strange... I don't think i got drunk after all.

Nope, didn't get a hangover when I woke up. It kinda shows I'm not really into alcohol... but yeah, I drink on special occasions.

Hmm... maybe next time? :3

9:12 AM
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Party at Macci's was a different feeling. though I remained as silent as I usually am...

Lemme clear something here.... Yes, I do drink. But smoke? No I would never.

Strange things, and strange tasted was all there. People from class, and a couple more. A game of poker. Though I would agree strip poker would have been a lot more interesting...

nahh... It's just the alcohol talking... Yes, I'm writing this half-drunk and Half-asleep.

It's 12:45 on the PC.... I left around 12 ish... though I thought it was around 1 already.

I hate taxis... I paid 70 pesos.... Ugh I could have just walked home, but I considered the warnings of others.. yes, I'm feeling the slight loss of memory and.. umm... what's that word again...?

I could write more.. but... I can't think straight right now.. migraine's getting worse...

umm.. I was about to say something witty... but somehow I just kinda lost it...

now I' off to sleep and would expect major hangover the next morning.

12:37 AM
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Friday, August 29, 2008


Stop.. spinning.. you... ugh... Gordon... Freeeemaaaan.....




damn you.... stop moving around so much, you're giving me motion sickness, Freeman.

Well, anyway. aside from me having the free time to play Half-Life (not the second one though... not yet). I've got another thing to rant about..

Those Super Thin biscuits. Cheap ass biscuits that are milky flavored, around 20pcs in each pack though extremely thin you can't help but munch one after another and I'm hooked! D:

I can't find a day without buying one.. or two packs.. and Yes, I know they're not worth it. but I always end up buying them D:


6:51 PM
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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Now Operational...

This was a Triumph! I'm making a note here: HUGE SUCCSESS!!

well... not really...

I managed to salvage my dad's PC and sent it to my room. Now I can do even more stuff :3

I got Portal... but unfortunately, even with the video editing PC my dad uses.. I still get the "This game requires at least DirectX 8" error.

Anyway.. I'll just go and read more of the Call of Cthulthu Manual with it in the meantime.. as well as transferring all my files to the new PC.

now... If I could only get it to connect to wireless...

8:47 PM
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Monday, August 25, 2008

So heart-warming :3

Before you start reading things about cute little box and egg shaped robots... Listen to this: :3

Cake is a lie... ;3;


The movie I watched yesterday :3

It was a strange yet fascinating love story. A lot of scenes almost made me cry, but sadly it didn't have much impact to make me cry. or maybe it's just me?

Wall-E has two stories, One was the love story and the other was... rather disturbing... The "death" of our planet (don't worry the world was saved in the end as always) Well... actually three... but the third story was just a short about two humans who were freed from "The System"


It was a short story about the "rebuilding earth" but what's interesting was the way it was shown. It was presented as the Art Movements in a possibly accurate order Cavemen Drawings, Egyptian, Greek Mosaics, Rennaisance Sketches, Expressionism painting, and Pixel Art XD ... yes, they jumped after Expressionism.

Seriously it was really cute. Especially in that scene, where wall-E tried to hold Eve's hand... and the part where Eve sees her security recording where Wall-E was protecting her during harsh weathers. Or that last bit in the end... that was the biggest tear jerking part... Wall-E, broken, was repaired by Eve once they landed on Earth, but since his mother board was broken and needed replacement, he was like a whole new robot unable to express anything other than his sole duty.. and stuff XD

Go Watch it!

Lol spoilerz.

3:07 PM
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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Not so disappointing.

Today, I was supposed to Galle for the pre-release of Pokemon DP Legends Awaken.

On my way there I spotted two things that didn't seem right.

First was that it took me 20 mins to finally get a jeep in Banawe.
Second was that I forgot my Deck. I only remembered it in the MRT when the Security was checking the bags.

This all points to:

The pre-release was rescheduled for next week. I went online and found the "Announcement" inside the "Legends Awaken Discussion Thread" and was posted a day ago.

God, can't they make New threads for announcement, and announce them at least four days before??

Well.. anyway it was quite interesting, I went to Shang to watch a movie (guess what :3 )... which reminds me... Every time I go and watch a movie on my own, it always seem to be in Shang. Hairspray, the Incredible Hulk, Batman The Dark knight, and this movie.

Anyway, that's not what's interesting... In Shang Foodcourt I saw Sir Vitug (with his wife, daughter and a woman he dubbed "tita")!!

6:44 PM
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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The world is against us. We must destroy it!

- Oh no! His body can't withstand the power anymore!

(Our justice is just too fragile...)

- No! Don't go!!

(Our happiness is ours alone, but the morals and laws created by others deny us that happiness.)

- Don't abandon me! Don't leave me all alone!!

(Everything we've worked so hard to achieve is falling apart, and were just supposed to stand by quietly and accept it!?)

(NO! Anyone who gets in our way is our enemy! All we need is each other, right!?)

Tira's Ending for Soul Calibur 4
Haha, fooled ya' didn't I? XD

9:16 PM
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Monday, August 18, 2008

You rolled a 1!

I can't believe playing an RPG was so much fun. No I'm not talking about video games, I'm talking about those table tops like DnD.

I went with my sis to Artoo's place to play CoC (Call of Cthulhu) campaign. Though it's my first time, I've somehow grasped the basic knowledge of how it works. Me, My sis, Artoo, Sean managed to create characters, Khan was late and a little groggy from the party the night before (I wasn't able to go because I ran out of money). He just hung around and played as DM during the "Combat Scene".

Some funnies here and there, like Sean's running gag with rulers,

Oh, have I mentioned that all the characters (including NPC's) are quite... Incompetent. Specially in the Combat Scene on day 7 of the storyline.

A cultist cast a "darkness" spell which also nullifies light inside the duration.
We were all scrambling around in the dark secret passage/room. Cultist number 2 was even funnier, He bumped into the wall, and into a corner and somehow can't find his way out of the corner.

Anyway it was really fun... If the campaign's over I might Just post the randomness of my notes, which somehow became my character's journal.

Bahh... anyway speaking of going to Artoo's place, I've expected the worst in the meals, not that it's a bad thing. The food is as always, marvelous, it's just that I'm a very picky eater, and this has to be the first (and second) time I ate a (half) full bowl of Salad. Not to mention Veggie Lasagna, but the cheese helped mask the zucchini and broccoli's taste, though I could still feel the texture of it.

12:29 AM
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Thursday, August 14, 2008


I don't have feelings for you, yet my subconscious tells me otherwise. I just had a dream, that we were together. It wasn't strange as I think dreams reflect memories, and I was with you for a while before I went to sleep. The thing is, it can't be possible, for you already have a someone...

I could step up and take you away, but that would be selfish of me, and I would totally feel bad for your special someone. You two are perfect together, actually. A couple I'd rather not see be separated.


Hmm.. I wonder, is there a way to say that "That kid in the Enfakid commercial, the one with the press conference, is really cute" without sounding like a pedophile?


Too late! I've already said it...



Gah! third part of the post is missing. ;3;

I'm supposed to write another random comment here, but... I forgot :/

11:38 PM
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Wednesday, August 13, 2008


I hate you so much, You annoy me to my bones. If you don't shut up, I'll have no choice but to kiss you >:/

God, I hate you :/

8:46 PM
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Who are you to tell me...?

I feel fine, yet at some point I feel so sad, and angry. It's like I hate what's happening around me.. and the same time, someone has left me to die.

"Without you, the ground thaws, the rain falls, the grass grows.
Without you, the seeds root, the flowers bloom, the children play.
The stars gleam, the poets dream, the eagles fly, without you.
The earth turns, the sun burns, but I die, without you."

... somewhere along those lines....

Ugh, can't life just be a fairy tale, where we end up happy? No, apparently not.

7:00 PM
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Sunday, August 10, 2008

I didn't know!

I totally didn't know it was prelims week already D:

I was caught unawares! Oh noes!!


Must stop playing... must start studying D:

God... no... one.. last time with Mephisto, then I'm done.... I think... Ugh... must.. stop... now! D:

I hate lecture classes. And exams.

on the flip side...

I seem to be adding videos to my posts lately :/ I should stop.. it's getting repetitive.

10:36 PM
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Saturday, August 09, 2008

Why am I still here?

The only reason why I'm still alive, despite being spat on in the face by Life...

The only reason I remain sane, even if reality drives me crazy...

The only reason why I am who I am...

I live on for video games.

And I'm waiting for this on November 18 2008:

3:33 AM
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down in the dumps?

A box of Brownies, a bunch of Chocolates, a bottle of Coke, a gallon of Rocky Road. I can't seem to stop eating it all.... *sigh*

One thing led to another since my rant last night...

Let me just crawl back into that shell, I felt so comfortable in it. but the problem is that nasty draft... If I could find another shell...

1:36 AM
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Thursday, August 07, 2008


This is the fucking reason why I opted for a digital camera.

I'm actually fine with an SLR, but no, I just feel like it has too many cons.

First off, I'd be spending lots of money for film. the 100 ISO are cheap, but I just found out that the 200 ones have better quality, and a lot expensive. I use up what, 2-3 rolls of 36 shots per week, add it up to how much that be per week in two semesters/nine to ten months, I'd have enough for a brand new Wii.

Second, is that I'd be also spending for Photo Printing on every roll.

And, oh the incompetence of the people I send to get them developed, and the people who develop. I NEED EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM DON'T FUCKING LEAVE ONE OUT!

It's the Nth time I got what? 4-7 printed images from a 36-shot roll of film.

DAMN IT! I NEED MY SILHOUETTE!!! But nooooooo... Workers in Kodak thinks it's a "Bad Photo", as they can only see the blackened figure and white background. Well, THAT WAS THE PURPOSE OF THE SHOT, DAMNIT!

Fuck, it's times like this that I want to drop the subject. It's already AUGUST AND I STILL HAVEN'T SUBMITTED EVEN JUST ONE DAMNED PHOTO!



That's how life is I guess :/

10:29 PM
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Tuesday, August 05, 2008

To the Mountains!! (no, not Mt.Arreat)


I felt so alone early on... but it faded away quite quickly. Kechu wasn't there so I didn't have someone to talk to. ;3;

The place was cold, and day one didn't give much Scenery, because fog rolled in everywhere because of a storm.

It was quite memorable actually. Although I fell asleep loads of times during sessions/mass.

Grabe!! Naubos ata natin ung MILO!!

Guys, Thanks for sharing life/ghost stories the other night. Especially Migs (S). It was really interesting.

Hahaha, we watched Kungfu Panda on our way home... and after how many years, nakakain ulit ako ng fishball(s). XD

I took pictures. But unlike the other poeple who were using D-SLR's (Mine was just an SLR) I can't view the outcome right away. I just hope the pictures come out alright, so I can finally pass at least one plate for photog D:

5:30 PM
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Saturday, August 02, 2008


is the key factor to any relationship.

But I do not understand why you want to forget, why you want to leave. "For the betterment for both of us"?? "For us both to be happy"?? What's happy about not seeing each other? The way you're locking yourself up, it'll just make things worse. All I ask is the reason, "Why are you doing this?"...

The reason why breakups occur because people jump to conclusions. They let jealousy over take, they don't try to comprehend the situation, thus leaving everything out of place.

I can't understand anything unless you tell me WHY.

If you lock yourself like this... then it's final, then? You don't want it to continue... Without me understanding the situation, that's the only conclusion I can come up with."

A little something I just thought of... not sure if it's relevant to me, though. Maybe I should read more Psyche books?

Now for something extra:

5:49 PM
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Friday, August 01, 2008

Espana River

Espana, A mystical road that turns into a River during an onslaught of Heavy rains.

I've been studying in UST for three years and This is the actually the first time I've seen the River rise to this level, where it seeps into UST campus.

I just hate what happened today.

The whole road was under water. What's worse The driver of the Jeepney went into it and suddenly changed his mind half-way, thus leaving us in the middle of the river. Yes, Let's call it that because water level rises to that extent. He wants us out of the jeep, but the problem was we didn't want to get our shoes wet. After that fiasco, I entered UST via the gate near the over pass. What a shocker, Water levels there is high as well... good thing the guard set up a ramp made of wooden and metal benches and plywood.

Another problem was when we were going home, Kechu and I. We weedled around the small streets just to get to higher ground, to a place where it isn't flooded. What's worse, the jeep we were supposed to ride was always full... It all ended up when Kechu did a coin flip. Heads, Dapitan-Ust will Pass by, Tails, It wont... It was tails, shortly after we were able to get on the right jeep.

god, next time that happens, I'll definitely bring a pair of flip-flops.

12:28 AM
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