Friday, November 28, 2008

Dear you...

Ooohhh... I've always wanted to write this down, now I actually am :D


Dear ***********

I know youre a nice kid, and that there are flaws in you, I can accept that, really. It's just that there's something about you that's been bugging me recently. Ever since we stepped in our third year here, where every project is a lot more hectic, you usually storm off cursing everyone for your own failure.

Like that time in the first semester, At that time I was able to help, we went and finished our photography, but there was that time in adprac...

I quote an older post of mine:

"Why did you shut yourself from us like that!? We were all in the same mess!! We had to work with such circumstances, but that doesn't mean you could just not act like you care about everyone else. We all have our issues, and that's why were here. Your friends can help you, but nooo.... you didn't ask for help, instead you just locked yourself away."

After reading that, it's quite obvious, you have problems with work, and would like people to help you, but you didn't ask our help, thus no help was given, and you bitch about not being helped.

A part of CFAD is working with people. This is just as important as "Improvising" as Sir Nacario said. Oh, but instead you start complaining and do nothing. As much as I want to help you, I've already stepped up and am doing my best myself.

Like now, we need to improvise with a lot of stuff. Right now, I'm working on my own with my SLR, which I wish was a DSLR. But no matter, I'll have to work my way with Ma'am Nacario.

If you keep on bitching about everything I can't help you at all. I'm sorry Kechu, but you're just being passive all the time. I like you, but you just don't want to go "outside your comfort zone", which we all have to do in this course.

Phew, I've got all the name parts censored (not)

9:22 PM
Did You LISTEN Carefully?

Stay away.

For a 23 year old, you sure act like a snobby/bratty 5 year old.

Seriously, what's it to you if you caught me using the PC at 4:45 AM for games?
Really, and telling everyone /important/ in the house. Really. You are such a whiner.

There's nothing you can do about it. I do things for my own, while you do yours. it's always been like that. Don't bother butting in my life. I know you don't like me. In a way, I reflect what you do to me. So I don't like you either. Hurt me, I'll hurt you. Delete my files, I'll delete yours. Wreck my room, I'll wreck yours. Take away the internet while I'm still using it, I'll break the cord.

Nothing you can do about it other than to mind your own business.

5:38 AM
Did You LISTEN Carefully?

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


It's not true!

"Jojo" does not Look, act, or even sound like me.

We may have the same interests, and thank god I had a hair cut, which I'll be keeping short till next year, and my voice is definitely lower than his.

We talk differently, My speech pattern is definitely different. Plus I speak in english (most of the time) He's fine with tagalog. Another is body figure.

Plus he's in Painting.

I don't have to go on about this...

Why am I so worked up about this.... double/clone/dopelganger??
Maybe because some people just keeps on trying to wedge that "were alike" idea into a rock or something. :/

10:52 PM
Did You LISTEN Carefully?

Monday, November 24, 2008


I didn't want to blog this because I don't know what words to use. but then, I was told by someone to go for it.

I'll be tossing in Tagalog words/sentences without translations to make it confusing and you'd start getting nosebleeds.


Di ko alam kung bakit. It was totally unexplainable. Ayoko saiyo, pero gusto kita. that night... Nainis ako. it was nice, pero sobrang naguluhan ako. What you did, I hated. grabe. It was sick, ano ang kabaliktraran ng sick? un din un. It got a dozen reactions from me. sunod sunod, di namang pwedeng sabay sabay di ba? Shit. I'm still confused even now. Masaya, pero parang nainis na rin ako. I have no idea why, pero it's the way I feel. Gusto ba kita, o hate na hate kita? Nakakagulo. I don't like this. I can't explain properly. I'm not even sure if I spelled the words properly either. Basta ganun na un. may nangyari...

Come to think of it... di mo naman binabasa blog ko diba? hindi ba? ewan.

My god. that sounded conyo, which I'm totally not.

btw, let's not talk about it.

11:49 AM
Did You LISTEN Carefully?

Sunday, November 16, 2008

The Moon was an Omen.

As Kechu and I were walking home from class, we noticed the moon. It was around 6 so it was just a little above the horizon. It was huge, yellowish, and the clouds brought a sinister feel to it. We talked about Celestial disasters and curses, who would have thought...

I went to Terrence's party after walking Kechu home. Oh, the usual. Karaoke, and Beer.
Seems like after the "outing" at jompy's place I've become the official bartender now.
It was fun. I learned a lot like how to open a bottle using a lighter.

Gel, Xian, Ken, [kuya] Than, Earl, Jompy, Nica, Jun, Migs, 'Sep, Pabs, Bruce, George, Terrence, Allen(?) and three other people I don't know their names...

A little while, Ken had to leave, followed by Gel and Xian around 12/1-ish

Yes... The /bad/ omen Kicked in.. I got drunk at god knows what time. at the same time Macci came.

Horrible thing is... I remember everything D:

Why the hell did I...
-Sing [Hit Me] Baby One More Time
-Kept laughing
-Kept talking... In English
-Thinking out loud, louder than my usual whisper/lip movement
-Hit 'Sep D: (I regret that)
-Talk to Macci with Nica's phone drunk
-Logged in YM via meebo while drunk
-Get scolded by Earl more than enough

Things I've said...
to Macci: "Macci, macci, macci, macci, macci, macci, macci~! I'm drunk."
to Earl, after gargling while looking at the mirror: "Do I always look like that?"
to Migs, while accessing Meebo: "I can log onto my YM, AIM, MSN, in this website."
to 'Sep: "Seeeeeeeeep~ Can I hit you?" (I still regret that)
to no one in particular: "HahahHAHAHaHahAhahAHahahAhahAhHAhAaHAHAha~!"
to someone, forgot who: "I'm alright, really... I just need to puke."
to Earl: "Why am I talking in English? Why can't I talk in Tagalog" ("Tagalog" is pronounced very conyo like)

Most horrible realization:
I woke up with my shirt on backwards D:


I wonder... what would have happened if I had a serious conversation while drunk...?
I don't think I want to get drunk again for a while.. I'll be laying off alcohol for a month.

8:45 PM
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Friday, November 14, 2008

Mental Sickness?

You think I have some mental sickness? Ha! whatever. My psychological mechanics isn't the same as yours so it's quite understandable, for me at least, that you definitely will never understand the way I think.

Me visit a doctor? A shrink?? Ha! whatever. It'll just be a waste of your money and my time. I wouldn't even bother. But if you insist, you're going to pay the bill, not me.

This is the way I think. and by being with you day and night, I know you're close-ended, and I'm sure you'll never understand how I work.


on another note:
You annoy me. You're fun to talk to you at times, but sometimes you I just don't like you. You somehow bring negativity around.

8:09 PM
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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Second week of classes...

And it seems so calm... I'm getting worried.

My only problem is with finances. I should definitely stop playing at the PC store for more than an hour. :/

Well, My cut is healing quite well, though the deep one still hurts a bit.

Also, I'm back in Essence RO with a new account (yes, my third) An d I have my first Maxed Character. A Star Gladiator. I'd use him to hunt items.

I'm just 130 points away from getting that book of Apoc, for that Tiamat wings. :D

Hmmm... nothing much is going on though... Terrence is having a party this Saturday though.

Oh, and someone updated Y!M to ver9.

I don't like it.

Downgraded it back to 8.

If they try to up grade it again, I have the installer of v8 ready.

2:02 AM
Did You LISTEN Carefully?

Saturday, November 08, 2008

My premonition was right.

No matter how many times I look at the possibility, I knew it was coming.

the week started so wonderfully.
Nothing special on Monday. T6 with Kechu.
Tuesday went on so fluidly. Movie at Carol's, T6 with Khan, Ken, Kechu.
Wednesday? I can't think of anything bad happening. T6 once again, with the same people Plus Terrence.
Thursday. It's a nice day. what about it? Warcraft custom maps with Khan, Ken, Terrence and Xian.
Friday... the end of the "week" as some people put it.

I went to school. Forgot about the meeting-thing. went home. slept till 1pm.

Guess what. I'm bleeding. Seriously. As in a lot. My grandparent's room has the meds and band aids, I'm using my monkey-print hankey to wrap up three wounds on my hand. My sketch pad has two drops on it, I can't take it off anymore, it has dried up. my floor has lots of drip-lets, My regform from last sem has my blood too, and the towel I'm currently using.

The lights in my room, broken. I'd rather stay up at the PC than try to sleep and wake up half-asleep in the middle of the night in total darkness, thinking, possibly, about the what could possibly pop out, even though I'd rather not believe in them.


Yes, that's how I sleep, I sleep with the lights on. I'll be alright to sleep with it off if someone sleeps with me in the room, beside me or not.


My fingers Hurt.

2:17 AM
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Sunday, November 02, 2008

Radio + Cemetery + Fashion

Once, there was this person I looked up to. I guess he was the reason at at one time in my life, I had a radio in my room. I'd listen to it every night until I sleep, waking up finding it still on or out of batteries. That was a time when I was into 'popular' songs, may it be rock, pop, ballad, or even rap.

But as time flowed, Me and that person grew apart, we had to grow up. Life treated us differently, even until now. I've never heard from him since. Not a call, SMS, or IM. We did see each other, at one time during the summer, but I guess that was it.


So my family went to the cemetery yesterday. The place was near, but with the heavy traffic and all, it took the whole day. We had to visit three cemeteries. As we visited them one by one, I noticed that each of them is getting more and more, umm... industrialized, with bright street lights and shops in every corner. I don't know.. I don't think I want to go to the cemetery during November anymore. Maybe on March? That way people are busy with Holy Week.


Those Badly dressed punks are really annoying. Makes me want to burn their clothing down, with them still wearing it. Seriously. They come in dressed in some XXS Shirt, some canvass shoes, A cool looking jacket, and that horrible hair style, and of course, skinny jeans.

The hair style I guess brings the "emo" look together. Honestly it was a nice hairstyle, until the whole ensemble was put together. The shirt, makes them really skinny. The shoes and Jacket are really cool, I'll give you that. But again, the whole attire makes them look horrible. Skinny Jeans: They're good. I like some of them. The problem is only a few males can actually pull it off. Most of them look like some vegetable with sticks for feet. I say If it doesn't look good on you: Don't wear it. Maybe it's just me. but the whole thing looks horrible.

They look atrocious.

Maybe, they could pull off skinny jeans better with some other top. I don't know. I don't have skinny jeans.

4:53 PM
Did You LISTEN Carefully?


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